Virtuous 3.0 Released

Late last week, Virtuous 3.0 was released.  It was a bit bumpier than I would have preferred, but we resolved the one issue which slipped through our testing rather quickly, with a small patch the same day.  If you are running 2.x and have been waiting for the dust to settle before upgrading, I would have to say it has settled.  Virtuous 3.0 has already surpassed 5,000 downloads (in just 4 days), with no major issues being reported.  It has been a lot of fun watching our user base grow daily to become one of the most popular ROMs for the Incredible.  If you have not taken a look at the change log, below are some of the features of 3.0.

  • New app separation model. Stock apps all in /system/app, Virtuous-added apps in /data/app. Only exceptions are Superuser, ROM Manager and Virtuous Buddy.
  • Enhanced Virtuous Buddy, which allows for toggling stock apps on and off rather than deleting them.  You can safely re-enable any app at any time.
  • Substantially improved method for placing apps in /data/app.  Most ROMs simply copy files into /data/app, where Virtuous now uses Android's package manager (pm) to manage such apps.
  • Latest versions of all Google apps, Adobe Flash, etc.
  • Option to use a modified version of Flash with Hulu app.  Credit to adrynalyne for modifying the latest version of Flash and ihtfp69 for the Hulu app.
  • And more subtle, behind-the-scenes enhancements to provide a stable yet flexible stock ROM.

Before anyone asks (again), no wipe is required to upgrade from 2.7 to 3.0.1.  I spend a lot of time making sure Virtuous' installation scripts properly handle upgrades, which are then diligently verified by our beta test group.  Granted, if you do encounter problems after an upgrade, a wipe will almost certainly clear that up.  So keep that option in your back pocket.

Thanks to all of you for supporting what has become an immensely successful project.  Your collective donations and positive feedback have been phenomenal and continue to be a source of motivation to produce better and better releases.


Unknown said...

This is great, I have been using it since it was released. I also use the Revolution theme as I did with the previous release. However, the Revolution keyboard mod doesn't seem to work with Vir 3.0. Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

I have been running this ROM (w/ custom kernel) for a while and have not come across any issues of note. I am also using the Revolution theme and loving it!

Unknown said...

I wiped my handset and loaded everything fresh and the keyboard seems to functioning properly now with the Revolution themed font.

Unknown said...
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Fabio Araujo said...
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Mr Confunoid said...
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