WiFi calling fix for 2.35

WiFi calling fix for all users having issues on 2.35

WiFi calling fix
Flash in recovery

Release of Virtuous Unity v2.35.0

Changelog for Virtuous Unity v2.35.0

Here is the long expected new version of Virtuous Unity. We changed our base to 1.45.401.2 from the official Pyramid RUU. This is a Android 2.3.4 release. And after more than two weeks of beta testing we will provide it fully tested to all of you.

As there were so many changes it's really hard to make a changelog for this. But we integrate all changes from previous versions into the new one. And we also made some changes which you will hopefully like.

  • Update Base to 1.45.401.2 of Pyramid.
  • Reduced overall font sizes.
  • Virtuous Unity options in the Settings.
  • Configurable Quicksettings.
  • Perfect Rosie Integrated.
  • Many applications were fully re-sized again.
  • Numerous other changes.
  • Droid Incredible is currently unsupported, pending patched egl libs.
  • Incredible S and Incredible 2 backlight not currently working.

Download ROM
(Size: 410MB | MD5: 8d6f420602d8652ed3a09d39a6366738)

Spam Emails

We wanted to make you all aware that we have recently been receiving a large number of spam emails from a very "funny" guy. He has also been signing us up for news letter subscriptions.

The email address's he is using are;

As you can see very funny.

Installation fix for Unity 2.33.0 Beta for Incredible S

Here is a potential fix for all Incredible S users with installation problems.

You need to do the following steps:
  1. Download the original beta version (not needed if already downloaded)
  2. Download this fix from here:
  3. Replace this file in the folder META-INF\com\google\android
  4. Install it as usual in the recovery
There are a lot of users reporting that this procedure is working for them.

So have fun with this version on the Incredible S too.

What's the goal and how to deal with a BETA version ?

Hi guys,

As not everyone seems to know it, a BETA version is meant to test and discover actual bugs.
But this, IN THE ACTUAL SHIPPED STATE of the rom !
So if you start by modifying it in any way, it's not the beta anymore.
I know you all want "brand new cool functionalities", but first we should focus on base !

So please, for the BETA:

  • DON'T APPLY ANY MODS (even UOT mods etc)
  • DON'T APPLY ANY OTHER KERNEL THAN SHIPPED ONE OR OFFICIALY SUPPORTED ONES (or any mod that may change behavior of the rom)

    For the moment, only mdj's and rmk's kernels are supported.

    Or else, don't ask for support and don't report bugs.

    A little reminder: You can report bugs here: http://bugs.unity.flemmard.net/
    Please, before reporting a bug, make sure you did a full wipe.
    And when reporting, please add in bug report :

  • The device where the rom runs on
  • Radio version
  • How to reproduce
  • And if it's possible, a screenshot (When needed, press power+home to make a screenshot).

  • Announcement of Vituous Unity 2.33.0 Beta

    The Virtuous Team is very happy to release the "official" beta version of Virtuous Unity 2.33.0.

    This version is based on the latest official European release for HTC Sensation. The version number is 1.45.401.2 and it's based on Android 2.3.4.
    Since there were a lot of changes in the release we have to redo everything from the scratch. But we are also added some new nice features.

    So we hope you all will test our new version and report problems. We hope that there aren't any.

    For the moment there is one known issue for the devices INC and INC2. On this devices USB connection isn't working. We will provide a patch for this problem as soon we can solve this.

    So here you go for the download:
    MD5SUM: e21abb185f4473a259d8972024ed0615

    And don't forget to wipe, make a backup and check the md5sum before flashing.

    Have fun :)

    We search an android java developer

    The Virtuous team is searching a talented android java developer for several applications/tools we need.
    Your work will be part of the oncoming Virtuous releases.

    If you can call yourself 'experienced' enough, feel free to contact us via 'devteam |at |virtuousrom.com' for further information :)

    New team members

    I want to announce something else too.
    Apart from cypis who joined our team as the graphics expert not long ago, we just got another new member.

    Cjward, known for uncountable hours of support in our IRC channel, joins the Virtuous team as our community manager.

    He is going to care for many public related tasks such as publishing information about oncoming releases etc, so the development team can concentrate on the dev part.

    Welcome to the team mates! :)

    Site Re-Designed

    As you may have noticed, we are slowly changing all our graphics in favor of cypis' awesome designs. Now it's time to update our main sites. Thanks to Virtuous team member, cypis, we have an fresh, blue-themed design for the site!

    New Policy On Ports And ROM Inclusions

    There has been an enormous amount of interest surrounding utilizing components or modifications from our ROMs.  To this point, our policy was that any such work needed to explicitly be approved by the team.  The fact of the matter is that the policy is simply not enforceable and any time consumed working to enforce it detracts from the time we have to work on Android (which is what we really enjoy).  As such, we’ve decided to go in a different direction.

    Going forward, ROM developers are welcome to utilize any portions of our ROM which are of interest.  Our only requirement is that you let us know about what you’re doing by sending an email to (devteam|at|virtuousrom.com), credit the Virtuous Team in your thread(s) and provide a link to our website.  No response on our part is required whatsoever, we’re just interested to hear about how our work is helping you.

    Our plan is to continue to innovate and push the envelop of ROM development; with the goal of staying enough ahead of the curve to merit a desire to clone our work.

    Virtuous Unity Update

    First, everyone should know the Unity project is alive and well.  The team has been working around the clock (we span the globe in terms of time zones) to bring the next major version to all our supported devices.  Over the past few weeks, we have been working on upgrading our base to the 1.45 pyramid builds, which are built on Android 2.3.4.

    Make no mistake, this is not an easy job; the majority of our work needs to be re-done.  Furthermore, given the number of devices we support, all our custom kernels need to be updated and ports re-tested.  The good news is we are close.  The bad news, if you want to call it that, is that we are not ready for an official release this week (despite our bi-weekly release schedule).  Our options were to either release an incremental change to the current base or to postpone the release in order to release something of substance.  We obviously chose the latter.

    To hold everyone over, we will be kicking off an open beta shortly.  The threads for this beta will all be hosted on RootzWiki, so we encourage you all to create accounts there in preparation.  The most helpful way to contribute to the project would be to provide thorough bug reports for any issues you encounter with the beta builds.  We will have a dedicated beta testing thread in each device’s relevant forum for your feedback.

    We have already been asked when our official release date is for the new base.  The answer is, when it is done.  Given the number of users of Unity who entrust us to provide a stable ROM for their device, it is our responsibility to make sure we do exactly that.  In the meantime, those of you who are adventurous can help us work out the kinks via the beta or alternatively continue to use v1.31, which is quite capable in and of itself.

    Make sure to follow our new Virtuous Team Twitter feed and add our site to your RSS reader (we will be posting much more often) for the latest updates.

    Fake Virtuous Sites

    We just noticed the existence of a fake Virtuous ROM page, with a form there to register for betas. Please be warned that the two only websites supported by us: www.virtuousrom.com and unity.flemmard.net. Please do not enter any information on any other sites claiming to be associated with Virtuous.