Virtuous Custom Kernel

Virtuous now has a custom kernel option available and being tested for inclusion in the main ROM package. All credit goes to Adrynalyne for providing it to us. The kernel is listed as "Virtuous Custom Kernel (v1)" in RM and includes the following:

  • Built with sources, which is the exact version from the official OTA, ninja released by HTC recently. This is NOT the same source as the current KingX and Hydra kernels, as those are based on source from an earlier leak.
  • Standard frequencies and voltages, no overclocking or undervolting whatsoever.
  • Perflock disabled, allowing for underclocking, such as a screen-off profile in SetCPU.
  • All frequency governors made available, with the default set to "conservative". The stock kernel is "on-demand", so this should provide a subtle improvement to battery life.
  • Use SetCPU to change governors, restrict clock speed and build profiles. It cannot be included with this kernel package or Virtuous itself as the author disallows it (which I can understand and will respect). Feel free to grab it from the thread or purchase it via the Market.

Please report back on your results with the kernel, mainly pointing out whether there are any problems. Assuming there are no reports of major issues, this kernel will be included in the next version of Virtuous (no ETA on that). Again, thank you Adrynalyne for providing us a kernel which coincides with the overall goals of this project.


Amin said...
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Amin said...

I just saw your tweet. Thanks for keeping this custom kernel optional! It sounds great, but custom kernels make me nervous.

Unknown said...

I installed this kernel and used setcpu to adjust the clock speeds downward during some periods (like when screen is off). Only a couple of battery cycles so far, but I am really impressed with the improvement in battery life. Everything I have done so far seems stable.

(HTC droid incredible, rooted, INCredble REVOlution theme)

Unknown said...

So this kernel can be used with the OTA ROM? I'd just like to get VPNC working and don't need to change anything else.

Unknown said...

I am running Virtuous 3.1 with the custom kernel and it is working well so far. I have not had any problems although I was running the latest ziggy kernel before I switch to the Virtuous custom kernel and my batt life seemed a bit better with ziggy's kernel...

All in all, great ROM/Kernel combo here. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Is this still supported? When can I see a download link?

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