Virtuous Inquisition is a an ICS (4.0.3) Senseless ROM, meaning essentially all Sense components have been removed in favor of their AOSP counterparts. Everything except the camera app has been replaced. Any work, such as mods or fixes, you would like to contribute would be gladly accepted. The project has one goal, to provide a ROM which is as close-to-AOSP-ICS as possible.

Devices Supported:
  • HTC Sensation (Ultimate)
  • HTC Sensation XE (Ultimate)
  • HTC Evo 3D GSM (Experimental)
  • HTC myTouch 4G Slide (Ultimate)  forum


  • Based off the HTC 3.32.401.5 *release* base.
  • Sense has effectively been removed.
  • Some components may be coming back (such as the camera and music player), as they are better than their AOSP counterparts. I'll provide an option for purists who want AOSP-only-no-matter-what.
  • Remaining HTC framework beautifully themed to match ICS by shnizlon.
  • Stock kernel, not overclocked.
  • Pre-rooted with the latest version of Superuser and modified ramdisk to allow adb remount, mock locations, etc.
  • IO optimizations including the use of ext4 with writeback journaling for all mounts and larger read-ahead buffer for improved sdcard performance.
  • Automated battery calibration. Just plug your phone in after a wipe and charge it to full (preferably overnight), then let our script do the rest.
  • Over the air updates via ROM Manager.


Credits and Acknowledgements

If I have used your work and omitted a mention, it is not intentional. Please let me know and I will add your name immediately.
  • Shnizlon - ICS-themed framework.
  • Hawke84 - ICS Problem Fixes thread, which had several useful links.
  • Mox123 - Collaborative work with Hawke84.
  • kevin@TeslaCoil - Nova Launcher
  • SebastianFM -Sensation 3.0.13 kernel with 1.5 GHz CPU frequency enabled
  • mike1986 - Wifi calling functionality.
  • Cyanogen Team - ICS Google Apps package.
  • kornyone - doubleshot kernel base
  • Virtuous Team - This is all a collaborative effort, everyone on the team plays a key role in producing our ROMs, kernels and apps.


Experimental Builds

Experimental builds should only be used if you intend to help test. They may not work correctly at all and it is extremely likely that you will need to wipe when upgrading from an experimental build to a final release. In other words, experimental releases should not be used as a daily driver or by anyone who does not feel comfortable frequently wiping and flashing new ROMs.

(None available)

When reporting issues with experimental builds, please be clear exactly which version you are using. Ideally, I'd like to see people who are testing these builds join our chat channel to discuss issues/concerns.


IMPORTANT: For Sensation firmware MUST be flashed first via HBOOT.
(Don't assume you have the right firmware, flash this if you want the ROM to work)
If you download, please take a moment to hit the "Thanks" or "Like" button and rate the ROM on your favorite forum thread.