Looking for Beta Testers

We have a large enough user base at this point where I feel there is a need for a group of beta testers to validate the ROM before it is released to the masses. Especially considering how quickly updates get out now with ROM Manager.

Here are the requirements for participating in Virtuous' beta testing:
  • Run ROMs which may be somewhat unstable or contain bugs.
  • Understanding of adb (Android debugger), primarily using logcat and being able to move files around via shell.
  • Effectively communicate any issues and bugs you encounter. Beta testing needs to result in feedback otherwise it's a preview program, which is not what I am after here.
  • Be willing to flash full versions of the ROM to test installation procedures. Similarly, there will be times I will ask for testers to start with a wipe to simulate behavior new users would see.
  • Communicate via Google Talk or IRC (Freenode).
If you would like to participate, please apply to join our dedicated Google Group.


Amin said...

Do you have a site section for general ROM feedback? I just wanted to say that I prefer the devil voices in Flash to having a broken m.youtube. The YouTube app doesn't always find the YouTube videos I'm looking for, and it is rare that I find an otherwise watchable video affected by devil voices.

chasmccl said...

I'm still looking for 802.11n support on VirtuousROM. I know that the appropriate drivers are available from the chip manufacturers. This would be a great addition to your work!

Charlie McClain, PhD, JD

KJ95 said...

I also feel the need for a general feedback section. Procedure for dismissing the alarm in stock FroYo: tap "dismiss." Procedure in Virtuous 3.0.1: use settings app to kill com.HTC.clock, com.Google.Android.clock, and alarm service. Reboot. Fix needed.

Anonymous said...

I'd be game for testing any doubleshot stuff your working on.

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