Multiple Mods, Compatibility and Boot Loops

I am seeing a number of reports of people encountering boot loops after applying various combinations of themes and mods.  I blame myself for not clearly documenting the conflicts, so I'll do my best to cover it here.

  • Revolution Theme - Conflicts with statusbar and rotary lock mods (basically anything which alters framework).
  • Rotary Clock - Should work fine with statusbar mods, conflicts with Revolution Theme.
  • Status Bar Mods - Conflicts with Revolution theme.
  • Mods Outside of Virtuous - Assume they will conflict with all of the above.  This includes the circular battery mods.

Basically, if you are using the Revolution Theme, you cannot use any other mods.  You can, however, safely use the other goodies and app removal options.  Keep in mind, it is virtually impossible to test every permutation of mod install.  The more mods you combine, the greater the risk that you will break something.

If everything were implemented via Metamorph, this would not be a problem.  However, many mods replace the same exact framework as others.  For example, Rotary Clock replaces framework/framework-res.apk, and framework/android.policy.jar.  Revolution replaces essentially every file in the framework directory.  Status bar mods only replace services.jar.  Anywhere mods which overlap on the same framework files are very likely to send you into a boot loop.

The only guarantee I can provide is that if you stick to the options provided via EZ-Customizer, you will be completely safe.  Beyond that, expect the possibility of failure considering you are venturing into mods which require substantial modifications to essential libraries.


Unknown said...

First of all, thanks for all your hard work, I love this ROM.

Now, I've been using the circle battery mods, without issue, however these are from the Skyraider section of Rom Manager, and DO, from my experience, conflict with things like the rotary lock screen, the Revolution theme, etc. Luckily the circle battery mod is about the only "custom" thing I want, aside form stripping some things out.

Any chance we can get an "official" version (or 2) of this in the Virtuous section? The only other thing I'd love would be the smooth sense icons, however, thus far those have cause some issues with the PIN lock screen(force by Exchange policy, it turns the digits an opaque white instead of their notmal transparent black).

Maybe sometime I'll find the time to did in and attempt to fix this!

Thanks again!

Amin said...

I'm using your ROM with Sexy Rosie, Smooth Sense, and Circle Battery mods. No conflict with that combination. I love it!

Unknown said...

ok so i just read this after its looping umm what do i do?

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