Virtuous 2.6 Coming Today

So, 2.6 is coming today folks. The update will show up as a notification via ROM Manager and I'll be offering it two different ways: as a patch upgrade from 2.5 and as a full download. The benefit is that the patch is only 4MB right now, versus 150MB+ for the full ROM. I'm going to try to do this going forward to make upgrades that much easier.

It's not a huge release but there are some changes you guys will appreciate. For example, after 2.6 is applied and you remove the stock apps from /data/app, you won't need to remove them again in subsequent releases -- I'm keeping track of what I've copied there so they won't be copied again. Similarly, the same will go for EZ-Customizer settings. So if you've used the customizer to remove some more stock apps, I'll keep track of that and remove them automatically when you re-apply the ROM.

The more minor changes are: Peep returns (it works again), Gmail/Voice Search fix integrated and ROM Manager is included with the ROM. I'm actually not providing an easy-removal option for ROM Manager because it's critical to the function of Virtuous. Those who are adamantly against using it will need to remove it manually via adb.

Expect a 2.6 notification in your status bar a bit later today.


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