Virtuous Prime

We are pleased to present the first custom ROM for the Asus Transformer Prime. This is the first custom ROM released for the TFP and is part of our new S Series of ROMS.


  • Based on latest ASUS release (WW
  • Deodexed
  • Fully zipaligned
  • De-bloated
  • Rooted
  • Stock kernel
  • Optimized for fluid performance and usability
  • Included 1.6Ghz OC
More information can be found here

Virtuous ROM Series

Today we are announcing our new series of ROM's, moving forward we will splitting ROM's in to 3 categories. Each with a different focus and appealing to different types of users. The 3 series are as follows;

  • S-Series (Stock)
  • U-Series (Ultimate)
  • X-Series (Experimental)


S Series ROM's as the title says will be built pretty close to stock, with basic optimisations and tweaks. This series is designed for people who rely on there phone 24/7 and are not looking for the latest and greatest features. These ROM's will only be updated if and when an official release is announced. We will not use leaks or test ROM's. We also encourage people to use these stable builds as bases for their own ROM's There are currently a few ROM's available in this series and we plan to include ROM's for all the devices we own.


The Ultimate Series is likely to be where most of our attention will be focused. ROM's in this series are going to include ports from other devices or heavily modified stock ROM's. However to be considered a U-Series ROM, it must be feature complete and suitable for everyday to use. These ROM's will receive regular updates with the aim of making them feature packed and on the cutting edge. Some of our most popular projects will be included in this series:


This series is for ROM's that are not feature complete, are test builds that may or may not receive any future updates. We generally would not recommend these builds for people that rely on there phone 100% of the time, they may, assuming you can live with bugs or missing features be suitable for daily use. Some ROM's may start as Experimental but may move up to the Ultimate Series once they become stable. Currently the only ROM available in this series is Virtuous Quattro. But we plan to expand this range by adding more of the builds we make for personal testing purposes. These builds may or may not come with support depending on the future of the project.

Virtuous Flyer 0.1.1

There were two bugs reported from the first version of Virtuous Flyer. One was the problem with the hot restart insteed of shutdown and the broken Wifi connection after a reboot. Both problems are fixed now and you can download the fix. Be aware that this is only a update and not a full rom. So you must have Virtuous Flyer v0.1 already installed.

Virtuous Inquisition 3.5.0

We are proud to announce the release of Virtuous Inquisition 3.5.0.  This release is perhaps the most substantial we have had thus far, as we have been able to eliminate the last and most difficult to replace Sense components.  Flemmard was able to port the AOSP "Phone" application over to our Sense framework, which allowed for the replacement of numerous providers and addressing numerous lingering bugs.

Here are some of the new features:
  • Lockscreen functions as it should during incoming phone calls.
  • AOSP incoming and in-call screens.
  • Contacts auto join, sync and import properly.  Auto joining in particular
    did never worked properly in prior releases.
  • Notification pull down and status bar switched to AOSP.
  • Enhanced Quick Settings (EQS) ported by Shnizon from RomanBB.
  • Initial setup wizard launches after a wipe, which also never worked.
  • Initial APM implementation (not complete but still looks nice).
  • Wifi hotspot configuration works properly now.
  • Fixed assigning custom ring tones per contacts.
  • Many more updates and fixes.

We believe this update brings you the most functional AOSP experience available today on the HTC Sensation.  Every feature of the phone is functional, while providing the full look and feel of ICS.

Virtuous Flyer 0.1

We are pleased to announce the first release of Virtuous Flyer. This is our first rom for the HTC Flyer and is based on the stock HC 3.55.405.1 rom from HTC. The rom is still in the early stages of development but should be considered stable. This initial release focuses on cleaning up the base rom and adding tweaks to optimise speed and performance.

  • Cleaned base and removed unneeded apps
  • Removed HTC logging stuff
  • Added Virtuous wallpapers and Virtuous theme
  • Added Virtuous boot- and shutdown animation
  • Added tweak for enabling screen-on when new SMS arrives
  • Added more languages
  • Added app auto-install script from SD-card
  • Updated all apps to latest market version


Virtuous Flyer v0.1
[Alternate Mirror 1]
MD5: 352f0fa1cb918616df44acd0abc0b8c0

Virtuous Inquisition 3.1.0.beta7

Disclaimer: We're going to start using our website a lot more for releases such as the one in this post.  You may refer to this post on various forum threads but please do not distribute download links or mirrors.  Anyone is welcome to retrieve the ROM from our website.

Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta7 (2/19/2012 - 11pm PST)
  • Fixed a bug which was causing numerous issues such as Google Voice outbound
    calls to fail, 3rd party SMS apps like Handcent to be non-functional and probably
    many other SMS/MMS related issues.  Please re-confirm any bugs you have
    discovered using this new release.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta6 (2/19/2012 - 6pm PST)
  • Fix beta5's epic failure to boot. Sorry about that.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta5 (2/19/2012 - 2pm PST)
  • Disable power saver (requires a wipe to take effect).
  • Fixed power button causing an FC during an incoming call.
  • Planning to release tomorrow unless new critical bugs are discovered.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta4 (2/19/2012 - 12am PST)
  • No wipe required from beta3.
  • Fixed phone FC and call logs (related issue).
  • Replaced CM9 Music with Google Music.
  • Added ES File Explorer.
  • Removed ROM Manager.
  • Added Friendcaster to the unrestricted contact sync list.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta3 (2/18/2012 - 3pm PST)
  • May or may not need to wipe.
  • SMS should be fixed; telephony provider reverted.
  • Contact provider updated to support the same unrestricted apps as HTC.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta2 (2/18/2012 - 1am PST)
  • Wipe required from all prior versions. Tried to avoid it but impossible with these changes.
  • Replaced all remaining providers with AOSP versions.
  • Fixed initial setup wizard, which never worked before.
  • Fixed missing extra settings for Shnizon's settings mod.
  • Fixed bluetooth issues associated with remote devices initiating calls.
  • Fixed wifi hotspot config to go directly to the HTC settings panel.
  • If issues reported for 3.0.50 are still occurring, please re-report them.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.0.50.beta1 (2/17/2012 - 8pm PST):
  • No wipe should be required from 3.0.x; we scripted an upgrade path.
  • AOSP Phone app replaces the Sense version (huge progression).
  • Lockscreen now functions properly when receiving a phone call.
  • Contact auto joining, manual merging and syncing are now fully functional.
  • Assigning specific ring tones to a contact now works.
  • Added partially implemented APM.
  • Replaced SystemUI (notification/status bar) with AOSP version.
  • Fixed small MMS issue (only applies with a wipe).
  • Added more several languages to the stock keyboard.
  • Updated all Market apps to the latest versions.
  • Updated Nova Launcher to beta15.
  • Updated to V13 of Shnizon's ICS theme.
More Information:
Again, please do not redistribute our download link or mirror the ROM.  Rather, link to this post.  Also, make sure to report any new bugs using our aforementioned tracker.

(MD5: ec5553c8ae9c71fe8994bd92015257e7)

Hello From The Team

Just wanted to let you know what is happening at the moment. Firstly Quattro is not dead. I see lots of questions about the next update and currently I don't have an answer for you. We do have personal lives and we can't work on this stuff 24/7. but we do plan to continue with it

We have spent a lot of time in the last couple of weeks reviewing where we are at as a team. One major discussion point has been what devices we should be looking at buying in the next few months. There are some decent devices out at the moment at it looks like there will be loads of intersting stuff to consider after MWC. In the next day or so I plan to create a poll of all current gen and future devices that are of interest to us, we will then use your votes to determine what devices we will purchase over the next few months.

We have just purchased a HTC Flyer for chrish1974 and he has a couple of ROMs planned one of which will be based on ICS, as usual no ETA's so don't ask. We are also looking to purchase a HTC Sensation, despite this device being a few months old it has a huge user base and probably will for the next 12 months or so. At the moment only rmk owns the device and maintaining 3 ROMs on his own is not possible.

As you would of seen from the recent blog post we have been looking to build a mirror network so that we don't have to use file sharing sites. We have used donations to invest in a server for our selves and also have had a couple of people allow us to use there server as part of the mirror network. This means that you can have direct and fast downloads and we have the security of knowing that our work is safe and is easy for you to access.

Looking for Server Mirrors

Before the Multiupload fiasco began, we had already started the process of building our own mirror network. The situation with file hosting providers is even worse now, which makes having a mirror network even more important.  As it stands, we have 4 servers mirroring our content (ROMs, kernels, etc). Two of those mirrors are our own and the other two are being provided by generous members of the community, who we will recognize in a future post barring their permission.

With that said, we would like to expand our network as much as possible. If you have capacity you are willing to make available to us, here is what we are after:

  • SSH access using public keys with rsync available on the server.
  • HTTP access to content mirrored via rsync.
    • Allowing us point a CNAME at you to configure as a VHOST would be ideal.
  • 50GB+ of storage space.
  • 2TB+ of monthly transfer allowance, preferably unmetered.
If you meet the above criteria and are interested in helping us out, contact me via email - rmk at virtuousrom dot com.  

Virtuous Quattro ported to Doubleshot

As some of you maybe know there exists a AOSP build from us called Virtuous Quattro. This is already a huge project with a lot of tweaks. After having it running on a lot of devices we were able to port it to the doubleshot too.

There is still a lot of work open. But maybe some of you wants already test it.

Known issues:
Camera broken
Voice Search broken
Bluetooth broken
and maybe other things


[Alternate Mirror 1] [Alternate Mirror 2]
MD5: c0819ff4f9c8afd431a4f670b5093a34