Coming Soon: Virtuous Buddy

One of the goals of Virtuous from the beginning has been to provide choices.  Start with stock, not strip much out and let you decide how you use your device, rather than me deciding for you.  Essentially all the automation to provide these choices has thus far been via ROM Manager.  While it continues to be a great tool and will remain a large part of the Virtuous offering, I have been looking for a way to provide some options without having to reboot.

Welcome Virtuous Buddy:

This tool will allow you to easily perform simple ROM management tasks without having to understand how to use adb or shell commands.  It is very similar to that of EZ-Customizer but allows for executing these options without having to reboot.

Virtuous Buddy is basically a re-branded version of Gscript.  It re-branded for a specific purpose: if you happen to have Gscript installed already, I did not want to trample your configs. So Virtuous Buddy sits off on its' own without bothering anything else.

Anyway, it is coming soon!


ErikP said...

that's awesome! looking forward to it. This ROM is what Android should be about. The power to customize and tailor your device to your needs.

to cruft/bloat: Say 'ello to my little friend (Virtuous Buddy)!

WRYUN said...

Very cool! I am stoked.
Another reason why Virtuous ROM is #1!


Unknown said...

Any new info/timeframe? Definitely looking forward to this. Thanks!!

Unknown said...

Great! Is this going to be available through Rom Manager?

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