More EZ-Customizer Removal Options

Added a bunch of new removal options via EZ-Customizer.

One note because I know people will mention this: When you remove a stock HTC widget, it leaves fragments in the widget list. It's harmless but the only way to get rid of them is to delete /data/data/, which would result in having to reconfigure all your home screens. That, or editing the sqlite DB (which I've done before) which is a lot more work than it's worth.

The fragments are caused by the HTC launcher. You've got a few options:

  1. Delete the launcher cache. You'll only lose your home screen icons and widgets. To do this, remove /data/data/ and reboot your phone or kill the process (it'll automatically restart).

  2. Going to preface by saying this is much more work than just readding icons and widgets to your home screen, but here it goes. The widget list is actually in an SQLite database under /data/data/ Copy it onto your machine via ADB and use SQLite Database Browser | Download SQLite Database Browser software for free at to edit it and remove entries for any widgets you've deleted. Save the DB, the copy it back into place. Kill the launcher or reboot. One note, you won't be able to directly read or write from the /data/data dir via adb, so you need to use /sdcard as a temporarily location when copying to and from the PC.
I recommend option #1. Use ShootMe to take screenshots of each of your home screens prior to starting and you'll have a reference for re-creating it all.

Anyway, you can strip the ROM down quite a bit now. Enjoy.


Ken said...

I'm not seeing it in ROM Manager for the G2. Is this only available for Incredible?

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