Virtuous Ten Studio: Navigating in smali code

For a long time smali code was hard to handle. Not only the missing highlighting, but also the very limited possibilities of navigating through smali was a key problem for your daily smali work.

This time is over now. Virtuous Ten Studio features powerful navigation commands inside smali code. Just like any other modern IDE you can do several jumps:

  • To classes
  • To the implementation of method calls
  • To the implementation of fields
  • To label targets (GOTOs)
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The actual jump is initiated by holding [CTRL] and clicking on the source (class name, field, method, GOTO command). Have a look at this screenshot (please note, the image was created from several screenshots to show more information in one )

Another very useful feature is the resolving of IDs within smali. If you don’t know what I am talking about, let me explain it.
Resources like strings, arrays,booleans, etc. are referenced by IDs in smali. These IDs are saved in a file called public.xml. This file then references entries in several other files like strings.xml, bools.xml, arrays.xml and a few others.

Virtuous Ten Studio can resolve these IDs and display their names and values. Have a look at the next screenshot:

This makes understanding the code a lot easier when such references are used.

Another useful feature is the line marking. You can mark any line in smali so you can keep track of important smali parts. You can also easily navigate between those marked lines:


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