Release of Virtuous Unity v2.39.0

Changelog for Virtuous Unity v2.39.0

New Features
  • New Virtuous Tweak app in the Settings
    One of the first apps build on top of the HTC SDK.
    Look and Feel in the settings like in most HTC apps.
  • Updated kernels to Unity V9 for the following devices:
    HTC Desire HD (Ace)
    HTC Inspire 4G (Ace)
    HTC Desire Z (Vision)
    HTC Desire S (Saga)
    HTC Incredible S (Vivo)
    T-Mobile G2 (Vision)
    T-Mobile myTouch 4G (Glacier)

    With the following enhancements:
    Boot problems on HTC Incredible S (Vivo) solved
    Added VDD sysfs interface (give the possibilty to undervolt CPU)
    OC up to 2.0GHz
    lots of other fixes and enhancements too
  • Disabled debugging notification icon
  • Increased battery saving in sleep mode
  • Improved scrolling responsiveness

  • Fixed black screen after call ends
  • Fixed call delay

Download ROM
(Size: 417MB MD5: 806bd15904e6f7e399de8659946a7b5b)

M10Tools Google form is live

I created a nice Google form in order to give users an easier way to provide feedback for M10Tools:

You can find the form here:

Virtuous OC Daemon Is Now Open Source

Our OC daemon has become much more popular than we ever imagined. Many ROMs are now including it and it only makes sense to have it become a community project. It should surprise no one that there is not much to the code, it is simple an effective. With that said, several folks have suggested improvements we do not have time to make ourselves. Thus, it is now open for anyone who would like to contribute to the project.

Github Repository:

We will gladly accept pull requests and/or patches with your improvements. The code is being released under GPL v3, meaning if you release a modified compiled binary, you must also release a copy of the source. Aside from that, there are no limitations. Enjoy!

RMK Ginger Sense r1 - Inc2/VivoW 4.08.605.3

This is a flashable ROM from generated from Verizon's *official* 4.08.605.3 FOTA RUU (thanks to jcase for providing it) with the following set of changes:
  • Rooted with insecure boot, Superuser and su.
  • Deodexed and recompressed using my scripts and tools.
  • Busybox installed in /system/xbin.
  • Removed 45MB worth of bloatware applications.
  • Added support for /system/etc/init.d startup scripts.

M10Tools officially moved to Virtuous forums

Today I can announce, that M10Tools found their new home here in our Virtuous forums.
This way i can give way better support than on XDA.
I also posted two interesting new posts regarding the current development of the complete rewrite.

Follow the link directly to the forums.

Edit: Looks like I forgot to give regualr members access to the dev forum. Should be fixed by now :)

Release of Virtuous Unity v2.37.0

Changelog for Virtuous Unity v2.37.0

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed backlight buttons for vivo (Incedible S) and vivow (Incedible 2)
  • Fixed saga (Desire S) voice search
  • Fixed internet-pass-through
  • Fixed deleting messages in message app
  • Fixed wifi calling TMOUS
  • Fixed stock lockscreen white background
  • Fixed size photo grid widget
  • Fixed size mail widget
New Features
  • Added theme HoneyHD
  • Updated theme Revolution
  • Updated kernel for ace and vision to Unity V6
Download ROM
(Size: 423MB | MD5: 1bdc5e7009988b9e0366b6630a67c7f1)

Help us get an Incredible S

As you are no doubt aware Unity is available on a wide range of devices. Between the 9 team memebers we have all the supported phones except for the Incredible S. As all Inc S owners are probably aware, this is the device with the most device specific issues.

We are currently looking to purchase an Inc S so that we can offer better support for this device, so we are asking for donations. We would like to thank everyone that has all ready donated to us, your support and gratitude is greatly appreciated.

Please send all donations to [email protected]  Once again we can not thank all our users enough for there continued support.