Virtuous Infinity v1.31.0 Alpha2

New Features
  • Add basic Quick Settings (without enable/disable and reorder)
  • Add tweak for recent apps page style
  • Update Play Store to 3.7.15
  • Update all apps to latest version

Bug Fixes
  • Rosie: Fixed touch misaligment with AOSP widgets
  • Rosie: Deblurred icons
  • Lockscreen: Better resizing
  • Mail Widget: Fixed crash when adding to home screen
  • Settings: Re-add Locations
  • Settings: Resized G-sensor calibration
  • Video Player: Resized
  • Video Player: Disabled non working frame capture
  • Camcorder: Enable only working audio settings
  • Flashlight: Resized
  • ace/inspire/telus: Fixed inverted touch screen
  • ace/inspire/telus/vision: Fixed mic in all apps
  • ace/inspire/telus: Fixed voice search (vision still broken)
  • glacier: Fixed Wifi
  • glacier: Fixed data connection

MD5: ff1e24f51f8b70fbd51cf6e0e085d800

Virtuous Ten Studio

Today I released the biggest update for VTS so far. It includes a ton of changes, fixes and new features.
You can find the full list here.

Here are a few key points from the changelog:

  • Experimental m10 support (Sense 3.0, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0)
  • Added a general "Import File" dialog which can import both a local and a remote file. The dialog is used for all kind of import tasks throughout VTS. 
  • Added ability to fully delete solutions or single projects from the solution explorer
  • Added ability to delete single files or complete folders from the solution explorer
  • You can now add new (empty) *.smali and *.xml files to the projects
  • VTS now saves the initial directories for individual actions like opening a solution, importing an apk, etc
  • Colors.xml now shows the real colors below the hex code, smali references got a new tooltip to show the color too
You can get the update via the automatic update feature of VTS or you can download the full version here.

Virtuous Infinity v1.30.0 Alpha1

We are pleased to announce the first release of Virtuous Infinity. This ROM is the first ever which brings the full Sense 4 experience to your favorite WVGA device. Thanks to great effort of our M10 team (including Cypis, Diamondback and Flemmard) we finally cracked the new m10 format to bring you the lastest HTC software!

Download it here