Virtuous Inquisition for myTouch 4G Slide

We are pleased to announce a new device amongst the ones supported by the Virtuous Inquisition. Most of you might be already familiar with this ROM, that is an ICS desensed rom, that is as close to AOSP as possible. So this time mt4gs owners, rejoice, you can now download and flash it on your device! :)

Head to our Inquisition Section for more information and download link.

rootz forum thread.


torticho said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love the ROM. Only two requests. First one is to get the stock mt4gs camera software. The one that comes with the ROM its not bad, but the original was a lot better. Second, its to be able to use the genius button as a... "genius button". Everything else is great. So far, the best ROM I ever had tried.

Unknown said...

I be more than willing to pay $20 for the ROM for MyTouch 4G Slide with the Sense version. Especially once you worked out the bugs for the Camera I still cannot use 1080p. Also if you can fix the built in wifi tethering. Amazing work guys. I just need a fully working ROM to be my daily phone.

Unknown said...

also it was a pain in the #$# to post my previous comment as there is a glitch on Safari, Chrome, and FireFox. I can type in the post but I had no way of scrolling down to even see the captcha or the box where to type it in. I finally after a few minutes figure to use my TAB button as the only way to proceed to the next box but I was ready to give up posting at all.

arcticfox9 said...

Would love to see this come to the standard MT4G. There's a gap in terms of a good ICS Rom for MT4G. Creamed Glacier is just so-so. It is lacking polish.

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