Virtuous Affinity v2.05.0 released

We are pleased to announce the latest version of Affinty, after taking a break from this project we have been excited to resume development. This release adds some cool new features to the Virtuous Tweaks app. The features we have added are based on requests we have had from you.

Changelog for Virtuous Affinity v2.05.0

New Features
  • Added tweak for setting different Auto Brightness levels
  • Added tweak for disabling Recent Apps
  • Added tweak for disabling Quick Settings
  • Added tweak for choosing wake up buttons (Power, Volume up, Volume down and Trackpad)
  • Added tweak for enabling screen-on when new SMS arrives
  • Added more schemes to the Softkey Backlight tweak
    you can now disable the backlight for the capacitive buttons too
  • Enabled SIP over 3G
  • Removed Updater Service (useless for custom roms)
  • Updated Market to 3.4.4
  • Updated all apps to latest market version

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed panorama mode of camera
  • Fixed Saga rmt_storage error


How to change the default language of the Transformer Prime keyboard

One of my biggest gripes about the ASUS Transformer Prime and its keyboard dock  was always ASUS' own on-screen keyboard app.

As I am from Germany I got a german dock (which is good). But unfortunately ASUS forces you to use their own on-screen keyboard app to be able to use the custom hardware keyboard layout.
If you chose a different keyboard app the hardware keyboard reverts back to a generic QWERTY one, which is not really usable ;)

So I decided to make a little mod to change this rather annoying behaivior.
Check out the following link, if you are interested. :)

[MOD] Adjust your hardware keyboard's default language

Virtuous Quattro Released

Last night saw the release of Virtuous Quattro. Quattro is an AOSP ICS build for multiple devices. This is a continuation of the builds that we have been releasing but we wanted to bring all devices together and create a more unified project. Currently Virtuous Quattro is available on the following devices; We are looking to add more devices soon and will also look at adding some of our own tweaks to ICS. But please don't ask us about the camera :)

Happy New Year

Let me start by wishing all our users, fellow developers and there families a happy new year.
I guess like us you are very excited about what Android has in store for us in 2012. Android 4.0 development is in full swing we have now released builds for the Desire Z/G2, Desire S and Incredible S with more devices coming soon. These builds have been fun and challenging and it has been great working with other teams to get these builds as stable as they are today. There are to many people to thank individually for input but you know who you are.

New Devices

We have been discussing recently what devices we should look at purchasing next, there is a lot of interest from the team in the HTC Flyer. But we wanted to put the feelers out and see if there is enough interest from our users in a Virtuous Flyer ROM. If you would like to see this device added to our collection please let us know in the comments.


We have now officially decided to call it a day on Unity. With Sense 4 ROMs just around to corner we believe there would not be enough interest in Sense 3 to make it worth our while continuing on the Unity project.


We are looking to resume development on Affinity soon its been nice for us to have a break from this project and spend some time on smaller projects.
We are looking forward to adding more tweaks and I suppose whilst we are at it we can look at fixing some bugs.


This has been an intresting project to watch develop, for those of you who don't have a sensation you may not know much about it. Basically rmk took the recently leaked HTC Sensation XE ICS RUU (cheers RCMIX) and de-sensed it. Almost every element of Sense has been removed, making it essentially an AOSP ROM with a working camera. There is still a bit of work to be done before its totally de-sensed but progress is good. You can check out the ROM on XDA

So once again, all the best for 2012 we are looking forward to it and we hope you are to.

Transformer Prime update

Hey guys,
so some days ago I finally got my Asus Transformer Prime. It's an awesome device :)
It has some flaws here and there but I think they are all software wise and will be solved with the upcoming ICS update.

One thing though, which is really bad. Asus continued to use it's 128 bit AES encryption allowing only correctly signed ROMs to be flashed.
This is in fact nothing new, the original Transformer used the same methods. Fortunately the AES key got somehow leaked for the original one.

Locked down with such a bootloader it's going to be very hard to do any kind of modification, custom kernels or custom ROMs.
ASUS already stated on their german Facebook page that they do not intend to unlock their bootloader.
This is awful. They have no reason to not provide a similar solution to what HTC or Sony do. As the Prime doesn't come with any cellular radio, ASUS can't say it's the carriers fault.

But talking about HTC, the huge pressure from the community finally made them think twice about locked bootloaders. We all know what this lead to.
All new HTC devices are now officially unlockable, giving you the choice to put on them what ever you may like.

We - the android community - need to put as much pressure on ASUS, we deserve the freedom to flash what ever we like.
While the whole story already catched quite  bit of fire with major news sites talking about it, we can't get enough attention.
So spread my word as good as you can, tweet it, post it, email it to ASUS. Everything is good enough :)