Unity Kernel's for EVO3D and MT4GS

We are pleased to announce the release of the Unity v1 kernel for the MT4GS and EVO3D.

- 2WCR (2-way call records)
- NOOP I/O Sheduler
- OC up to 1782MHz (default speed 1512MHz)
- JHash3
- Flash disabled @ 10% battery & 5 degrees temp.
- Lower Wi-Fi voltage
- Wi-Fi PM_FAST in standby
- Tweaked governors
- VDD sysfs interface
- Fixed scaling_cur_freq
- GPU OC up to 320MHz
- XZ kernel compression

Download Links and Support Threads

Virtuous Codename: Trentacinque Beta

Virtuous Codename: Trentacinque Beta

Maybe some of you already saw that I was able to leak some screenshots of the new Virtuous ROM. But now I was able to leak a complete build from them *lol*

But now to the "real" stuff:
The rom itself is based on the Runnymede RUU 1.02.401.1. After some days with trying to make this build really stable we still need to say this rom is still in a early build state. So be aware that there will be some problems left. Also there aren't any tweaks at the moment in the rom. We first want to make it stable and then begin to add some nice features.

Download link (but be aware it's a beta):
md5sum: 3fc90619a0a1caa2fa6fbc008c0833fd

Screenshot once again leaked

I was able to leak a new screenshot from the Virtuous Team. Seems they were cooking really hard.

I will try to get a leak from their build too.

Screenshots aren't so funny as having it really to test.

Freshly leaked screenshot

I'll hope nobody of the Virtuous team will see this now. But I was able to leak a first screenshot from their new stuff they are working on.
Something with the codename: Trentacinque.

I will try to leak some stuff more. But this isn't so easy. And they should't notice that their is a sniper on the way.

Ummm, Whats That I Smell Cooking

As you are all no doubt aware from this weeks tweets we have finally got hold of the Runnymede RUU (thanks football).
The team are busy cooking up something good for you all. Currently there is no ETA on release so please don't ask.
We want to ask something from you guys, we have a few name ideas but would like to hear your suggestions. check out the thread on our forum for all the info.

Todays Virtuous Unity update

I know a lot of people are waiting for an update of Virtuous Unity today. But I'm sorry to tell that it will be delayed for one or two days. We are working at the moment on bringing some Sense 3.5 features to Unity. This process isn't finished yet and releasing what we have will be too less for you all I think.

But here are some screenshots of the features already working:
Loading progress, Volume Panel, Checkbox Style and Rotate Animation

Virtuous Team Monthly Update

I have decided to start doing monthly updates to let you all know about current development and the projects which the team is working.

So I will start with the question that you are all asking

Sense 3.5
As those of you who follow us on twitter will know we have said a couple of times that we are waiting for a better base, I would like to explain to you a bit more about our current view on this matter.
Before the Unity project official Virtuous release were always based on stable releases from HTC, this was to eliminate any bugs that may of been present it leaked ROM's but to keep Virtuous ROM's on the cutting edge we had to start using leaks then re-basing our ROM's once stable releases were released.
These leaked and stable ROM's come in the form of RUU (ROM Update Utility). We have an RUU for HTC Bliss but the one that we really want to work on is the HTC Runnymede. Currently we are unable to get the leaked RUU for this device as there is only one development team that has access to it and all ROM's that are currently available are based off this teams original release. We could base our ROM of this but this is not a route that we wish to go down. As and when we get the RUU we will work to build the ROM from the ground up using are own tweaks and optimization's so you get the fast and stable ROM's that you are used to from us.
So rest assured it will come but only when we can release something that is our own work.

Some of you have commented to be that development on Unity has slowed down recently. This is because like you we are waiting to start on Sense 3.5, currently we are undecided if we should just update Unity to 3.5 or make it a brand new project. It seems like the majority would be happy with us to update to Unity to 3.5 but if there is enough demand for a Unity to remain a Sense 3.0 ROM we will release a final and stable version. If you could let me know your thoughts on this it would be appreciated.

New Devices
We recently added the HTC Doubleshot to Unity's list of supported devices, we have now purchased the device and we should have it in our hands in the next few days. Initial feedback is very good on the a build that has been done blind and we would like to thank our tester unclespoon for his hard work in helping us to get Unity booting and to fcreeves for starting the ball rolling. We would also like to thank everyone who donated not only for Doubleshot but also everyone who donated for the Incredible S.
As any Inc S owner will tell you this has been the device with most device specific problems. Again we have now ordered this device and are looking forward to improving the Unity experience for Inc S owners.
Again a big thanks to all who donated and everyone else for there support, its you guys and girls who make the the work we do enjoyable.

Other Projects
As you are all no doubt aware last month saw us create our own forum and apart from the inevitable spam that is getting posted its been great for us to have a place where are users can come to help each other out and get help from the team when required. Big thanks to rmk for getting this setup.
rmk has been very busy recently due to a new job that is taking up a lot of his spare time. But rest assured he plans to update G-Lite and Virtuous Sense as soon as he can.

Diamondback has been busy working on the m10tools project, you can find more info in the deticated section of our forum.

Mdeejay has been busy updating the Unity series of kernels and working on Virtuous Sensation.

Flemmard is still playing with his HP Touchpad and has been busy with is real job

chrisch1974 has been doing the builds for the Doubleshot as well as working on the new Virtuous Tweaks app. This something we are very proud of as it is one of the first apps to be built using the HTC Sense SDK.

Wrap Up
I hope you have found this interesting and informative if there is anything you would like me to write about in future updates please email me at [email protected], send me a PM on XDA or catch me our IRC. I welcome all feedback and all ways try to reply to all messages.
Thanks for taking the time read.

MT4GS added to the Virtuous Unity Family

We are pleased to announce a public beta for MT4GS (aka DoubleShot).
Check out the xda thread here.
We look forward to hearing you feedback and don't forget to check out our forums