Live blog of the #HTCOneUp launch event

Only less than two hours to go and the new flagship from HTC is being official announced. We heard already a lot of rumors and saw several leaks about it. But we will see the truth very soon. Andrei is live at the launch event in London and will be blogging together with me about it. There is also a live stream from the event in New York. So join us and see the latest news from HTC.

Final countdown...2 days and the #HTCOneUp is going to be announced

Only 2 days to wait and HTC is going to announce the successor of the HTC One. There were already some details about the device leaked but we don't want to go into details about it. We are going to see all specs and goodies of it in less than two days. HTC is also going to present the next version of Sense at their launch event at this day. So there are a lot of good things we are all waiting for.

And now the best things. Virtuous Team represented by our contributor @andrdnl is live at the London launch event from HTC. There will be a live coverage from the whole event and we will also try to get some backstage information after the event. Andrei is also doing his best to get some hands on time with the new device. So if you have some questions we should try to answer you post them here on the blog.

And HTC itself has a big goody for all of us. They are offering a live stream from the New York event which is at the same time as the one in London.

So folks - post your questions and we will hopefully see us all here on Tuesday 16:00 CET during the HTC launch event.

Virtuous Widgets: Reinventing the Sense Lockscreen

We all know this problem: HTC creates really nice software, but sometimes you miss some personalization features.
Today we are introducing Virtuous Widgets. In a nutshell it's an Android app for HTC Sense 4 devices that allows you to use widgets on the lockscreen of your device.

It works much like the popular app WidgetLocker, however our app is based on HTC's Sense 4 SDK and features therefore perfect integration with the stock lockscreen and doesn't suffer from all problems that other Lockscreen replacements face.

Virtuous Widgets uses the standard Lockscreen style selection dialog which is already well known to most Sense 4 users.
Before getting too much into detail, here is a quick screenshot of how your personalized lockscreen could look like:

(open the post to keep on reading)

Theming HTC Sense - We did it again

Ever since HTC released the first version of their 'new' Sense experience (3.0 and upwards) themers faced a huge problem. The majority of graphic assets used by Sense was hidden in the custom 'm10' files.

Back in these days Flemmard and Diamondback managed to crack these files open, giving the users the ability to extract, edit and repack the images.
It didn't take long until HTC switched the internal image format of these files and theming support for the upcoming Sense versions was lost (3.5 and later).

Only recently Flemmard and Diamondback achieved another breakthrough, they finally found out what the mysterious image were all about. Thanks to their great efforts and the amazing theming skills of Cypis we are finally able to present you:

 the world's first fully featured Sense 4 skin

The Virtuous Slate skin comes in a handy single-apk download right from the Google Play store.
It features a very classy and timeless design, without any distracting decorations or adornments.
See yourself in the screenshots from Google Play.

The skin currently comes in two versions. A HD version and a qHD one. This is very important. Based on what device you are using, you need to download the correct skin.

  • Devices with a native resolution of 720p like the One X or the One XL need to download the HD version. This also includes devices running a custom ROM based on a One X/XL ROM. (no matter what screen resolution)
  • Devices with a native qHD resolution (like the One S) or devices that run a custom port based on a Sense 4 ROM for a qHD device need to download the qHD version. This is also the correct option for users running Virtuous Infinity.
So all in all: If your device runs a ROM based on a HD ROM, use the HD skin, if your device runs a ROM on qHD basis, use the qHD skin.

We need to distribute two seperate versions because qHD and HD ROMs need differently sized images. Unfortunately we can't put that in one apk.

Virtuous Infinity v1.33.0 Alpha3

  • You must make a full wipe before flashing this version
    Otherwise you will have crashes in the camera and other apps

New Features
  • Overall better performance
  • glacier: Add 3.0 kernel (fixes camera, wifi, wifi hotspot)
    Big thanks to elginsk8r for porting the kernel to the glacier
  • Add Virtuous OC
  • Add kernel config to fix programs like CPU Spy
  • Add Hebrew locale
  • Update all apps to latest version

Bug Fixes
  • ace/inspire/telus: Fixed camera for devices with ov8810 sensor
    Thanks to dh.harald for pointing out
  • ace/inspire/telus/vision: Fixed long press wakeup issue
  • Camera: Fixed panorama mode
  • Camera: Show only correct video resolutions (disabled 1080p for msm7x)
  • Camera: Disabled non working video snapshot
  • Rosie: Resized add widgets/apps/shortcuts to homescreen in portrait and landscape mode
  • Rosie: Resized folder in portrait and landscape mode
  • Rosie: Resized add apps to folder in portrait and landscape mode
  • Rosie: Fixed actionbar position of add apps to folder in landscape mode
  • Lockscreen: PIN Unlock screen resized
  • Settings: SD-card detection fixed, mount/dismount works
  • Settings: Hide Face Unlock on ace/vision (no front camera)
  • Settings: Fixed graphical glitches
  • Phone: Fixed graphical glitch SIM unlock screen
  • Data: Disabled Fast Dormancy for better signal

MD5: c0214c9e79f61ce9afa770ba54a73539

Virtuous Infinity v1.31.0 Alpha2

New Features
  • Add basic Quick Settings (without enable/disable and reorder)
  • Add tweak for recent apps page style
  • Update Play Store to 3.7.15
  • Update all apps to latest version

Bug Fixes
  • Rosie: Fixed touch misaligment with AOSP widgets
  • Rosie: Deblurred icons
  • Lockscreen: Better resizing
  • Mail Widget: Fixed crash when adding to home screen
  • Settings: Re-add Locations
  • Settings: Resized G-sensor calibration
  • Video Player: Resized
  • Video Player: Disabled non working frame capture
  • Camcorder: Enable only working audio settings
  • Flashlight: Resized
  • ace/inspire/telus: Fixed inverted touch screen
  • ace/inspire/telus/vision: Fixed mic in all apps
  • ace/inspire/telus: Fixed voice search (vision still broken)
  • glacier: Fixed Wifi
  • glacier: Fixed data connection

MD5: ff1e24f51f8b70fbd51cf6e0e085d800

Virtuous Ten Studio

Today I released the biggest update for VTS so far. It includes a ton of changes, fixes and new features.
You can find the full list here.

Here are a few key points from the changelog:

  • Experimental m10 support (Sense 3.0, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0)
  • Added a general "Import File" dialog which can import both a local and a remote file. The dialog is used for all kind of import tasks throughout VTS. 
  • Added ability to fully delete solutions or single projects from the solution explorer
  • Added ability to delete single files or complete folders from the solution explorer
  • You can now add new (empty) *.smali and *.xml files to the projects
  • VTS now saves the initial directories for individual actions like opening a solution, importing an apk, etc
  • Colors.xml now shows the real colors below the hex code, smali references got a new tooltip to show the color too
You can get the update via the automatic update feature of VTS or you can download the full version here.

Virtuous Infinity v1.30.0 Alpha1

We are pleased to announce the first release of Virtuous Infinity. This ROM is the first ever which brings the full Sense 4 experience to your favorite WVGA device. Thanks to great effort of our M10 team (including Cypis, Diamondback and Flemmard) we finally cracked the new m10 format to bring you the lastest HTC software!

Download it here

Virtuous Primadonna 1.21.0 Alpha 3

Nothing to exciting in this update I'm afraid, its more of a maintenance release to bring the Inc 2 in line with all other devices, along with a few key bugfixes for other devices.
We would like to say a big thank you to nitsuj17 for fixing the issues on the Inc 2.


Change log can be found here

Virtuous Primadonna 1.21.0 Alpha 3
[Mirror 1][Mirror 2]

Virtuous Primadonna 1.17.0

Sorry to keep you all waiting on this one, but chrisch1974 spent quite a lot of time after the initial release of Primadonna trying to fix WiFi Hotspot. Sadly he was unsuccessful, so this release is a little later than we would of liked.

We also been unable to fix camera as you all know this should be a lot easier once we get official ICS for devices like the Desire S and HD.

This release reintroduces the Virtuous Tweaks application.
This has again been developed using the HTC Sense SDK and has been built from the ground up by chrisch1974, it not quite as extensive as the Affinity Tweaks app but its early days.

Incredible 2 is still not officially supported, we are working with XDA recognized developer nitsju17 to get it fully functional. Hopefully we can release an incremental update in the coming days that will bring the Inc 2 in line with other devices.


Full changelog can be found here


Virtuous Primadonna 1.17.0
[Mirror 1][Mirror 2]