Virtuous Affinity v1.48.0 released

Changelog for Virtuous Affinity v1.48.0

New Features
  • Added more options in Quick Settings
  • Added possibility to enable/disable options in Quick Settings
  • Added possibility to reorder options in Quick Settings (completly new feature)
  • Added CRT On and Off Animation
  • Added tweak for disable scroll by page in app drawer
  • Added Beats/SRS/Dolby for music app based on lyapota's musicbox
    Updated to latest music app with some minor fixes
    (thanks to lyapota for his incredible initial work)
  • Added tweak to set default playback mode (Original orientation, resolution)
  • Updated Ultra Smooth Mode to 1.1 (thanks to hamdir for updating his mod)
  • Updated superuser to 3.0.7

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed call button for bliss navbar
  • Fixed add homescreen for bliss navbar
  • Fixed wrong wallpaper crop when choosing custom wallpapers
  • Fixed 720p playback bug
  • Fixed SD card umount
  • Fixed deleting SD card during wipe in rom
  • Removed front cam switching for ace/vision
  • Removed mirror app for ace/vision


MD5: 7daa99f335ec848fda59c377bb0b9a83

Introducing: Virtuous Ten Studio

Hey guys,

I just put up a preview thread about the new Virtuous Ten Studio, the next and much improved version of M10Tools (It's almost impossible to call it "next version" because there's not really much in common :) )

The goal of the thread is to get some good alpha/beta testers, so feel free to approve for testing. ( Link can be found o nthe XDA thread)

But see yourself :

Transformer Prime Manual

Is anybody else here as hyped as I am for the release of the new Asus Transformer Prime?

Anyway, I found the official manual from Asus for it :)

On that ftp server are several other interesting things too, such as the kernel source code. :)
So shame on HTC, Asus manages to release the source even before the actual device :)

Virtuous G-Lite

About a week ago Virtuous G-Lite got a long awaited update. This has always been one of my favorite ROM's for the HTC G2/DZ. It's is very fast and very battery efficient. So if you feel that you can live without the eye candy, widgets and apps of Sense ROM's, I strongly urge you give it a try.

As those of you who have already seen the new G-Lite thread will know,  tun4f1sh who is responsible for the excellent Bulletproof MIUI ROM on the G2/DZ has taken over as maintainer of Virtuous G-Lite from rmk.

We are pleased to welcome tun4f1sh to the Virtuous Team, he has been a long time supporter of our ROM's and we are very pleased to have him on board.


-Supported on the G2 and DesireZ only.
-Minimalistic, lightweight ROM with +200MB of memory free at startup.
-/system and user partitions partitioned and aligned with ext4.
-Extremely battery efficient (best of any G2/DZ ROM I have used to date). --Based on Vision_Gingerbread_S_TMOUS_2.16.531.5, HTC's take on AOSP. All device hardware fully functional, including wifi, bluetooth, camera, camcorder, etc.
-Virtuous OC Daemon (wake: 245/998, sleep: 245/460) and memory optimizations. Kernel Vision Gingerbread kernel. Do NOT use AOSP kernels with this ROM (i.e. Pershoot, Cyanogen).
-Market-sourced applications (Gmail, Maps, Voice, etc) automatically installed on first boot into /data/app for easy removal.
-Replaced stock Gingerbread launcher with LauncherPro.
-Wifi calling and Swype conditionally installed for T-Mobile USA users. -----Bloatware and unnecessary applications removed.
-Rooted, deodexed. All applications zipaligned on boot.

Check out the XDA thread for more information, change log and support.


Virtuous G-Lite v1.0.5
md5: 3356DC0CBEEF42B0D8F23C64946F74C6

Trackpad wake patch

Carrier-IQ tries to sue TrevE

As many of you may have heard, XDA member "TrevE" has uncovered several "problems" with a software called "CarrierIQ" which is on all our devices.

After publishing his findings he is now getting sued by the company who sells this software.

The full story can be read here:

Please try to share that XDA article as much as you can, post it where ever it may be read.
We as part of the XDA community can't accept such actions from companies which think that they can silence people with sueing them.

Virtuous Affinity Released

As most of you know Virtuous Affinity was released on Monday.
Sorry for not updating the blog sooner, my laptop broke last week and I was planning a big site update. But as people have asked I decided to make a quick post.

Changelog Since Beta 2:

-Added super and ultra smooth mod to Rosie (configurable) (thanks to hamdir for initial mods)
-Added different navbar styles to Rosie (configurable) (thanks to RCMix team for bliss files)
-Added App drawer mods 4x4, 4x5, 5x4, 5x5, 6x5 and 6x6 (configurable)
-Added App drawer hide divider (configurable)
-Added App drawer hide icon label (configurable)
-Added new theme to calculator (thanks to liamstears)
-Added secure folder and local time stamp for message app (configurable)
-Added trackpad sleep on lockscreen for Desire Z and myTouch 4G

-Update market to 3.3.11
-Update superuser to 3.0.6 and su binary to 3.0.3

-Fixed softbutton backlight for all devices (configurable)
-Fixed missing contact pictures in some apps
-Fixed G-sensor calibration
-Fixed trackpad wake for Desire Z and MyTouch 4G
-Fixed radio for vivow


Virtuous Affinity 1.46.0
MD5SUM: 36DA224402AFFDD7DC5756642EFCAB61

-Fixed call button for bliss navbar
-Added tweak for disable scroll by page in app drawer
-Fixed incorrect wallpaper crop

XDA Support Threads

Incredible 2
Desire Z/G2
Incredible S
Inspire 4G
Desire S
Deisre HD

November Update


Our sense 3.5 ROM has entered what we hope will be the final testing phase, the only device that we are still experiencing issues with is the Incredible 2. We hope to of solved these issues before we release the stable in the next few days.
We would like to thank you all for being patient in waiting for this release, we didn't want to release a stable version until the ROM was rock solid on all devices. Currently there is no support for the My Touch 4G slide. We will look at adding this device soon.

We have now picked our 5 favorite names from the 180 suggestions we received from you, most where excellent while some were down right stupid (you know who you are). It was a tough choice picking the best but the poll is now ready on our forum. The poll will close on Monday so make sure to vote for your favorites. The winner will not only receive the admiration of his/her peers but will get a personalized signature banner from cypis.
Click here to vote for your favorite

All devices apart from the Inc 2 know have beta support threads on XDA and we will look to get sections on our own forums soon.

So without further ado here is the change log and download link for the second beta

New Features

  • Update base to Runnymede 1.05.401.4
  • Update kernel to newer v10 build
  • Calculator with switchable themes, thanks to nunggg for his version. If you have a version that you would like us to add please contact anyone in the team.
  • IME Keyboard with switchable arrow keys, you can choose a keyboard with or without arrows
  • Advance Power Menu (APM)
  • Overscroll glow effect
Bug Fixes

  • All devices are now more stable
  • Less output in logcat from rmt_storage


Please be sure to report all bugs to our Bug Tracker

Other News

Not a huge amount else to report this month, mdeejay has been ill so is update for Virtuous Sensation has not been released as planned. Diamondback is working on m10 tools. Chrisch1974 has been busy working on the bugs from the first release of Trentacinque.

So apart from that I will close with once again thanking you guys for making this all worth it.

Time to get voting