M10 Tools is going Open Source, help needed

Hey guys,

Some more bad news, but some good news to.

Bad news first, Flemmard decided finally, that he hasn't got enough time anymore to support and develop M10Tools fulltime. That means, he is quitting the main development. This is very unfortunate because Flemmard and I are the only two people who actually know how to reverse engineere the *.m10 format.

Therefore we are searching a new developer now, who can take Flemmard's part over. And here comes the good news: The next version is going to be OpenSource (most likely some kind of GPL). (This doesn't include the upcoming Virtuous Ten Studio, only the decoder/encoder for the m10 files itself).

Now let's get to the actual search. The requirements are quite hard. We search (Flemmard will be still here as some kind of help) one or two very experience C# or C++ developers with the following requirements:

  • Very good experience in C# and/or C++
  • Windows dev of course
  • Experience with reading/writing binary data would be helpful
  • Experience with reverse engineering file formats would be also helpful
  • Good spoken english required (German would be nice too)
  • Communication is done via either IRC or Skype Development uses SVN, so knowledge about SVN and how it works is quite helpful
  • Having a HTC phone with a sense 3.0/3.5 ROM is strongly advised. You don't totally need it, but it helps a lot

Now lets come to the tasks that needs to be done and the usual workflow

  • We do know everything important about the m10 file format, so the hard work is already done
  • But you still WILL be starring at your hexeditor four hours (no joke here), so if you don't like digging through hexcodes you are totally wrong here
  • This is not a halftime job. Writing such a decider/encoder requires quite a bit of spare time.
  • Once I explained you most of the things we know about m10 formats, YOU will start writing a parser for those files. This is much trial and error.
  • The time will come where you understand the basics of the format. Then you need to finish that decoder/encoder and start working on the addtional things (mainly image decoding/encoding).
  • Image decoding: The images saved in m10 have different special file formats. We do know how to decode them. There is just ONE format that needs further research.
  • One last thing: Flemmard won't give out his current source code. We have to accept that.

Diamondback has requested that anyone who is interested should reply in his thread on XDA

Flemmard and Diamondback had a great time developing this tool, so Diamondback is looking forward to working with new developers.

December Update

Festive greetings to you all.


I'm afraid I must start December's update with some bad news. For personal reasons we have had to put the Affinity project on hold. As I'm sure you can appreciate big multi devices projects such as Unity and Affinity take up a lot of time. So we have decided to take a break and re-prioritize. Support for both Affinity and for those still using Unity will still be available on XDA and in #virtuousrom.
Development on smaller individual projects will continue as normal.

Other News

This month need see a return to the scene from rmk, he has taken over management of Virtuous Sensation from mdeejay. Mdeejay has now sold his Sensation and brought a EVO3D and Desire S. For information and download on Virtuous Sensation click here.

Tun4f1sh has released numerous updates for Virtuous G-Lite, this ROM is about as stable as a ROM can get. Any DZ/G2 Users looking for a rock solid, stock Gingerbread ROM should check it out.

Mdeejay and Flemmard have been working on ICS builds for the Inc S, DZ/G2, and Desire S. Anyone interested in trying these early beta builds should come and join in us in our IRC channel. The current build is broken so at the moment there is nothing test, but keep your eyes peeled on all offical channels for an update.

And Diamondback has been working on the next evolution of the m10tools project, Virtuous Ten Studio. Check out his thread for more info.

And just a final word, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Carrier IQ on Virtuous roms

Just to avoid confusion, of course Virtuous roms are free from Carrier IQ software.

In fact the community discovered these services way back in time, but we didn't see how dangerous they can be. These things are removed since ages, but back then we removed them mainly for perfomance reasons.

So there is no need to worry for our users :)

Virtuous Affinity v1.48.0 released

Changelog for Virtuous Affinity v1.48.0

New Features
  • Added more options in Quick Settings
  • Added possibility to enable/disable options in Quick Settings
  • Added possibility to reorder options in Quick Settings (completly new feature)
  • Added CRT On and Off Animation
  • Added tweak for disable scroll by page in app drawer
  • Added Beats/SRS/Dolby for music app based on lyapota's musicbox
    Updated to latest music app with some minor fixes
    (thanks to lyapota for his incredible initial work)
  • Added tweak to set default playback mode (Original orientation, resolution)
  • Updated Ultra Smooth Mode to 1.1 (thanks to hamdir for updating his mod)
  • Updated superuser to 3.0.7

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed call button for bliss navbar
  • Fixed add homescreen for bliss navbar
  • Fixed wrong wallpaper crop when choosing custom wallpapers
  • Fixed 720p playback bug
  • Fixed SD card umount
  • Fixed deleting SD card during wipe in rom
  • Removed front cam switching for ace/vision
  • Removed mirror app for ace/vision


MD5: 7daa99f335ec848fda59c377bb0b9a83

Introducing: Virtuous Ten Studio

Hey guys,

I just put up a preview thread about the new Virtuous Ten Studio, the next and much improved version of M10Tools (It's almost impossible to call it "next version" because there's not really much in common :) )

The goal of the thread is to get some good alpha/beta testers, so feel free to approve for testing. ( Link can be found o nthe XDA thread)

But see yourself : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1366951

Transformer Prime Manual

Is anybody else here as hyped as I am for the release of the new Asus Transformer Prime?

Anyway, I found the official manual from Asus for it :)

On that ftp server are several other interesting things too, such as the kernel source code. :)
So shame on HTC, Asus manages to release the source even before the actual device :)

Virtuous G-Lite

About a week ago Virtuous G-Lite got a long awaited update. This has always been one of my favorite ROM's for the HTC G2/DZ. It's is very fast and very battery efficient. So if you feel that you can live without the eye candy, widgets and apps of Sense ROM's, I strongly urge you give it a try.

As those of you who have already seen the new G-Lite thread will know,  tun4f1sh who is responsible for the excellent Bulletproof MIUI ROM on the G2/DZ has taken over as maintainer of Virtuous G-Lite from rmk.

We are pleased to welcome tun4f1sh to the Virtuous Team, he has been a long time supporter of our ROM's and we are very pleased to have him on board.


-Supported on the G2 and DesireZ only.
-Minimalistic, lightweight ROM with +200MB of memory free at startup.
-/system and user partitions partitioned and aligned with ext4.
-Extremely battery efficient (best of any G2/DZ ROM I have used to date). --Based on Vision_Gingerbread_S_TMOUS_2.16.531.5, HTC's take on AOSP. All device hardware fully functional, including wifi, bluetooth, camera, camcorder, etc.
-Virtuous OC Daemon (wake: 245/998, sleep: 245/460) and memory optimizations. Kernel Vision Gingerbread kernel. Do NOT use AOSP kernels with this ROM (i.e. Pershoot, Cyanogen).
-Market-sourced applications (Gmail, Maps, Voice, etc) automatically installed on first boot into /data/app for easy removal.
-Replaced stock Gingerbread launcher with LauncherPro.
-Wifi calling and Swype conditionally installed for T-Mobile USA users. -----Bloatware and unnecessary applications removed.
-Rooted, deodexed. All applications zipaligned on boot.

Check out the XDA thread for more information, change log and support.


Virtuous G-Lite v1.0.5
md5: 3356DC0CBEEF42B0D8F23C64946F74C6

Trackpad wake patch

Carrier-IQ tries to sue TrevE

As many of you may have heard, XDA member "TrevE" has uncovered several "problems" with a software called "CarrierIQ" which is on all our devices.

After publishing his findings he is now getting sued by the company who sells this software.

The full story can be read here:

Please try to share that XDA article as much as you can, post it where ever it may be read.
We as part of the XDA community can't accept such actions from companies which think that they can silence people with sueing them.

Virtuous Affinity Released

As most of you know Virtuous Affinity was released on Monday.
Sorry for not updating the blog sooner, my laptop broke last week and I was planning a big site update. But as people have asked I decided to make a quick post.

Changelog Since Beta 2:

-Added super and ultra smooth mod to Rosie (configurable) (thanks to hamdir for initial mods)
-Added different navbar styles to Rosie (configurable) (thanks to RCMix team for bliss files)
-Added App drawer mods 4x4, 4x5, 5x4, 5x5, 6x5 and 6x6 (configurable)
-Added App drawer hide divider (configurable)
-Added App drawer hide icon label (configurable)
-Added new theme to calculator (thanks to liamstears)
-Added secure folder and local time stamp for message app (configurable)
-Added trackpad sleep on lockscreen for Desire Z and myTouch 4G

-Update market to 3.3.11
-Update superuser to 3.0.6 and su binary to 3.0.3

-Fixed softbutton backlight for all devices (configurable)
-Fixed missing contact pictures in some apps
-Fixed G-sensor calibration
-Fixed trackpad wake for Desire Z and MyTouch 4G
-Fixed radio for vivow


Virtuous Affinity 1.46.0
MD5SUM: 36DA224402AFFDD7DC5756642EFCAB61

-Fixed call button for bliss navbar
-Added tweak for disable scroll by page in app drawer
-Fixed incorrect wallpaper crop

XDA Support Threads

Incredible 2
Desire Z/G2
Incredible S
Inspire 4G
Desire S
Deisre HD

November Update


Our sense 3.5 ROM has entered what we hope will be the final testing phase, the only device that we are still experiencing issues with is the Incredible 2. We hope to of solved these issues before we release the stable in the next few days.
We would like to thank you all for being patient in waiting for this release, we didn't want to release a stable version until the ROM was rock solid on all devices. Currently there is no support for the My Touch 4G slide. We will look at adding this device soon.

We have now picked our 5 favorite names from the 180 suggestions we received from you, most where excellent while some were down right stupid (you know who you are). It was a tough choice picking the best but the poll is now ready on our forum. The poll will close on Monday so make sure to vote for your favorites. The winner will not only receive the admiration of his/her peers but will get a personalized signature banner from cypis.
Click here to vote for your favorite

All devices apart from the Inc 2 know have beta support threads on XDA and we will look to get sections on our own forums soon.

So without further ado here is the change log and download link for the second beta

New Features

  • Update base to Runnymede 1.05.401.4
  • Update kernel to newer v10 build
  • Calculator with switchable themes, thanks to nunggg for his version. If you have a version that you would like us to add please contact anyone in the team.
  • IME Keyboard with switchable arrow keys, you can choose a keyboard with or without arrows
  • Advance Power Menu (APM)
  • Overscroll glow effect
Bug Fixes

  • All devices are now more stable
  • Less output in logcat from rmt_storage


Please be sure to report all bugs to our Bug Tracker

Other News

Not a huge amount else to report this month, mdeejay has been ill so is update for Virtuous Sensation has not been released as planned. Diamondback is working on m10 tools. Chrisch1974 has been busy working on the bugs from the first release of Trentacinque.

So apart from that I will close with once again thanking you guys for making this all worth it.

Time to get voting 

Unity Kernel's for EVO3D and MT4GS

We are pleased to announce the release of the Unity v1 kernel for the MT4GS and EVO3D.

- 2WCR (2-way call records)
- NOOP I/O Sheduler
- OC up to 1782MHz (default speed 1512MHz)
- JHash3
- Flash disabled @ 10% battery & 5 degrees temp.
- Lower Wi-Fi voltage
- Wi-Fi PM_FAST in standby
- Tweaked governors
- VDD sysfs interface
- Fixed scaling_cur_freq
- GPU OC up to 320MHz
- XZ kernel compression

Download Links and Support Threads

Virtuous Codename: Trentacinque Beta

Virtuous Codename: Trentacinque Beta

Maybe some of you already saw that I was able to leak some screenshots of the new Virtuous ROM. But now I was able to leak a complete build from them *lol*

But now to the "real" stuff:
The rom itself is based on the Runnymede RUU 1.02.401.1. After some days with trying to make this build really stable we still need to say this rom is still in a early build state. So be aware that there will be some problems left. Also there aren't any tweaks at the moment in the rom. We first want to make it stable and then begin to add some nice features.

Download link (but be aware it's a beta):
md5sum: 3fc90619a0a1caa2fa6fbc008c0833fd

Screenshot once again leaked

I was able to leak a new screenshot from the Virtuous Team. Seems they were cooking really hard.

I will try to get a leak from their build too.

Screenshots aren't so funny as having it really to test.

Freshly leaked screenshot

I'll hope nobody of the Virtuous team will see this now. But I was able to leak a first screenshot from their new stuff they are working on.
Something with the codename: Trentacinque.

I will try to leak some stuff more. But this isn't so easy. And they should't notice that their is a sniper on the way.

Ummm, Whats That I Smell Cooking

As you are all no doubt aware from this weeks tweets we have finally got hold of the Runnymede RUU (thanks football).
The team are busy cooking up something good for you all. Currently there is no ETA on release so please don't ask.
We want to ask something from you guys, we have a few name ideas but would like to hear your suggestions. check out the thread on our forum for all the info.

Todays Virtuous Unity update

I know a lot of people are waiting for an update of Virtuous Unity today. But I'm sorry to tell that it will be delayed for one or two days. We are working at the moment on bringing some Sense 3.5 features to Unity. This process isn't finished yet and releasing what we have will be too less for you all I think.

But here are some screenshots of the features already working:
Loading progress, Volume Panel, Checkbox Style and Rotate Animation

Virtuous Team Monthly Update

I have decided to start doing monthly updates to let you all know about current development and the projects which the team is working.

So I will start with the question that you are all asking

Sense 3.5
As those of you who follow us on twitter will know we have said a couple of times that we are waiting for a better base, I would like to explain to you a bit more about our current view on this matter.
Before the Unity project official Virtuous release were always based on stable releases from HTC, this was to eliminate any bugs that may of been present it leaked ROM's but to keep Virtuous ROM's on the cutting edge we had to start using leaks then re-basing our ROM's once stable releases were released.
These leaked and stable ROM's come in the form of RUU (ROM Update Utility). We have an RUU for HTC Bliss but the one that we really want to work on is the HTC Runnymede. Currently we are unable to get the leaked RUU for this device as there is only one development team that has access to it and all ROM's that are currently available are based off this teams original release. We could base our ROM of this but this is not a route that we wish to go down. As and when we get the RUU we will work to build the ROM from the ground up using are own tweaks and optimization's so you get the fast and stable ROM's that you are used to from us.
So rest assured it will come but only when we can release something that is our own work.

Some of you have commented to be that development on Unity has slowed down recently. This is because like you we are waiting to start on Sense 3.5, currently we are undecided if we should just update Unity to 3.5 or make it a brand new project. It seems like the majority would be happy with us to update to Unity to 3.5 but if there is enough demand for a Unity to remain a Sense 3.0 ROM we will release a final and stable version. If you could let me know your thoughts on this it would be appreciated.

New Devices
We recently added the HTC Doubleshot to Unity's list of supported devices, we have now purchased the device and we should have it in our hands in the next few days. Initial feedback is very good on the a build that has been done blind and we would like to thank our tester unclespoon for his hard work in helping us to get Unity booting and to fcreeves for starting the ball rolling. We would also like to thank everyone who donated not only for Doubleshot but also everyone who donated for the Incredible S.
As any Inc S owner will tell you this has been the device with most device specific problems. Again we have now ordered this device and are looking forward to improving the Unity experience for Inc S owners.
Again a big thanks to all who donated and everyone else for there support, its you guys and girls who make the the work we do enjoyable.

Other Projects
As you are all no doubt aware last month saw us create our own forum and apart from the inevitable spam that is getting posted its been great for us to have a place where are users can come to help each other out and get help from the team when required. Big thanks to rmk for getting this setup.
rmk has been very busy recently due to a new job that is taking up a lot of his spare time. But rest assured he plans to update G-Lite and Virtuous Sense as soon as he can.

Diamondback has been busy working on the m10tools project, you can find more info in the deticated section of our forum.

Mdeejay has been busy updating the Unity series of kernels and working on Virtuous Sensation.

Flemmard is still playing with his HP Touchpad and has been busy with is real job

chrisch1974 has been doing the builds for the Doubleshot as well as working on the new Virtuous Tweaks app. This something we are very proud of as it is one of the first apps to be built using the HTC Sense SDK.

Wrap Up
I hope you have found this interesting and informative if there is anything you would like me to write about in future updates please email me at [email protected], send me a PM on XDA or catch me our IRC. I welcome all feedback and all ways try to reply to all messages.
Thanks for taking the time read.

MT4GS added to the Virtuous Unity Family

We are pleased to announce a public beta for MT4GS (aka DoubleShot).
Check out the xda thread here.
We look forward to hearing you feedback and don't forget to check out our forums

Release of Virtuous Unity v2.39.0

Changelog for Virtuous Unity v2.39.0

New Features
  • New Virtuous Tweak app in the Settings
    One of the first apps build on top of the HTC SDK.
    Look and Feel in the settings like in most HTC apps.
  • Updated kernels to Unity V9 for the following devices:
    HTC Desire HD (Ace)
    HTC Inspire 4G (Ace)
    HTC Desire Z (Vision)
    HTC Desire S (Saga)
    HTC Incredible S (Vivo)
    T-Mobile G2 (Vision)
    T-Mobile myTouch 4G (Glacier)

    With the following enhancements:
    Boot problems on HTC Incredible S (Vivo) solved
    Added VDD sysfs interface (give the possibilty to undervolt CPU)
    OC up to 2.0GHz
    lots of other fixes and enhancements too
  • Disabled debugging notification icon
  • Increased battery saving in sleep mode
  • Improved scrolling responsiveness

  • Fixed black screen after call ends
  • Fixed call delay

Download ROM
(Size: 417MB MD5: 806bd15904e6f7e399de8659946a7b5b)

M10Tools Google form is live

I created a nice Google form in order to give users an easier way to provide feedback for M10Tools:

You can find the form here:

Virtuous OC Daemon Is Now Open Source

Our OC daemon has become much more popular than we ever imagined. Many ROMs are now including it and it only makes sense to have it become a community project. It should surprise no one that there is not much to the code, it is simple an effective. With that said, several folks have suggested improvements we do not have time to make ourselves. Thus, it is now open for anyone who would like to contribute to the project.

Github Repository:

We will gladly accept pull requests and/or patches with your improvements. The code is being released under GPL v3, meaning if you release a modified compiled binary, you must also release a copy of the source. Aside from that, there are no limitations. Enjoy!

RMK Ginger Sense r1 - Inc2/VivoW 4.08.605.3

This is a flashable ROM from generated from Verizon's *official* 4.08.605.3 FOTA RUU (thanks to jcase for providing it) with the following set of changes:
  • Rooted with insecure boot, Superuser and su.
  • Deodexed and recompressed using my scripts and tools.
  • Busybox installed in /system/xbin.
  • Removed 45MB worth of bloatware applications.
  • Added support for /system/etc/init.d startup scripts.

M10Tools officially moved to Virtuous forums

Today I can announce, that M10Tools found their new home here in our Virtuous forums.
This way i can give way better support than on XDA.
I also posted two interesting new posts regarding the current development of the complete rewrite.

Follow the link directly to the forums.

Edit: Looks like I forgot to give regualr members access to the dev forum. Should be fixed by now :)

Release of Virtuous Unity v2.37.0

Changelog for Virtuous Unity v2.37.0

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed backlight buttons for vivo (Incedible S) and vivow (Incedible 2)
  • Fixed saga (Desire S) voice search
  • Fixed internet-pass-through
  • Fixed deleting messages in message app
  • Fixed wifi calling TMOUS
  • Fixed stock lockscreen white background
  • Fixed size photo grid widget
  • Fixed size mail widget
New Features
  • Added theme HoneyHD
  • Updated theme Revolution
  • Updated kernel for ace and vision to Unity V6
Download ROM
(Size: 423MB | MD5: 1bdc5e7009988b9e0366b6630a67c7f1)

Help us get an Incredible S

As you are no doubt aware Unity is available on a wide range of devices. Between the 9 team memebers we have all the supported phones except for the Incredible S. As all Inc S owners are probably aware, this is the device with the most device specific issues.

We are currently looking to purchase an Inc S so that we can offer better support for this device, so we are asking for donations. We would like to thank everyone that has all ready donated to us, your support and gratitude is greatly appreciated.

Please send all donations to [email protected]  Once again we can not thank all our users enough for there continued support.

WiFi calling fix for 2.35

WiFi calling fix for all users having issues on 2.35

WiFi calling fix
Flash in recovery

Release of Virtuous Unity v2.35.0

Changelog for Virtuous Unity v2.35.0

Here is the long expected new version of Virtuous Unity. We changed our base to 1.45.401.2 from the official Pyramid RUU. This is a Android 2.3.4 release. And after more than two weeks of beta testing we will provide it fully tested to all of you.

As there were so many changes it's really hard to make a changelog for this. But we integrate all changes from previous versions into the new one. And we also made some changes which you will hopefully like.

  • Update Base to 1.45.401.2 of Pyramid.
  • Reduced overall font sizes.
  • Virtuous Unity options in the Settings.
  • Configurable Quicksettings.
  • Perfect Rosie Integrated.
  • Many applications were fully re-sized again.
  • Numerous other changes.
  • Droid Incredible is currently unsupported, pending patched egl libs.
  • Incredible S and Incredible 2 backlight not currently working.

Download ROM
(Size: 410MB | MD5: 8d6f420602d8652ed3a09d39a6366738)

Spam Emails

We wanted to make you all aware that we have recently been receiving a large number of spam emails from a very "funny" guy. He has also been signing us up for news letter subscriptions.

The email address's he is using are;

As you can see very funny.

Installation fix for Unity 2.33.0 Beta for Incredible S

Here is a potential fix for all Incredible S users with installation problems.

You need to do the following steps:
  1. Download the original beta version (not needed if already downloaded)
  2. Download this fix from here:
  3. Replace this file in the folder META-INF\com\google\android
  4. Install it as usual in the recovery
There are a lot of users reporting that this procedure is working for them.

So have fun with this version on the Incredible S too.

What's the goal and how to deal with a BETA version ?

Hi guys,

As not everyone seems to know it, a BETA version is meant to test and discover actual bugs.
But this, IN THE ACTUAL SHIPPED STATE of the rom !
So if you start by modifying it in any way, it's not the beta anymore.
I know you all want "brand new cool functionalities", but first we should focus on base !

So please, for the BETA:

  • DON'T APPLY ANY MODS (even UOT mods etc)
  • DON'T APPLY ANY OTHER KERNEL THAN SHIPPED ONE OR OFFICIALY SUPPORTED ONES (or any mod that may change behavior of the rom)

    For the moment, only mdj's and rmk's kernels are supported.

    Or else, don't ask for support and don't report bugs.

    A little reminder: You can report bugs here: http://bugs.unity.flemmard.net/
    Please, before reporting a bug, make sure you did a full wipe.
    And when reporting, please add in bug report :

  • The device where the rom runs on
  • Radio version
  • How to reproduce
  • And if it's possible, a screenshot (When needed, press power+home to make a screenshot).

  • Announcement of Vituous Unity 2.33.0 Beta

    The Virtuous Team is very happy to release the "official" beta version of Virtuous Unity 2.33.0.

    This version is based on the latest official European release for HTC Sensation. The version number is 1.45.401.2 and it's based on Android 2.3.4.
    Since there were a lot of changes in the release we have to redo everything from the scratch. But we are also added some new nice features.

    So we hope you all will test our new version and report problems. We hope that there aren't any.

    For the moment there is one known issue for the devices INC and INC2. On this devices USB connection isn't working. We will provide a patch for this problem as soon we can solve this.

    So here you go for the download:
    MD5SUM: e21abb185f4473a259d8972024ed0615

    And don't forget to wipe, make a backup and check the md5sum before flashing.

    Have fun :)

    We search an android java developer

    The Virtuous team is searching a talented android java developer for several applications/tools we need.
    Your work will be part of the oncoming Virtuous releases.

    If you can call yourself 'experienced' enough, feel free to contact us via 'devteam |at |virtuousrom.com' for further information :)

    New team members

    I want to announce something else too.
    Apart from cypis who joined our team as the graphics expert not long ago, we just got another new member.

    Cjward, known for uncountable hours of support in our IRC channel, joins the Virtuous team as our community manager.

    He is going to care for many public related tasks such as publishing information about oncoming releases etc, so the development team can concentrate on the dev part.

    Welcome to the team mates! :)

    Site Re-Designed

    As you may have noticed, we are slowly changing all our graphics in favor of cypis' awesome designs. Now it's time to update our main sites. Thanks to Virtuous team member, cypis, we have an fresh, blue-themed design for the site!

    New Policy On Ports And ROM Inclusions

    There has been an enormous amount of interest surrounding utilizing components or modifications from our ROMs.  To this point, our policy was that any such work needed to explicitly be approved by the team.  The fact of the matter is that the policy is simply not enforceable and any time consumed working to enforce it detracts from the time we have to work on Android (which is what we really enjoy).  As such, we’ve decided to go in a different direction.

    Going forward, ROM developers are welcome to utilize any portions of our ROM which are of interest.  Our only requirement is that you let us know about what you’re doing by sending an email to (devteam|at|virtuousrom.com), credit the Virtuous Team in your thread(s) and provide a link to our website.  No response on our part is required whatsoever, we’re just interested to hear about how our work is helping you.

    Our plan is to continue to innovate and push the envelop of ROM development; with the goal of staying enough ahead of the curve to merit a desire to clone our work.

    Virtuous Unity Update

    First, everyone should know the Unity project is alive and well.  The team has been working around the clock (we span the globe in terms of time zones) to bring the next major version to all our supported devices.  Over the past few weeks, we have been working on upgrading our base to the 1.45 pyramid builds, which are built on Android 2.3.4.

    Make no mistake, this is not an easy job; the majority of our work needs to be re-done.  Furthermore, given the number of devices we support, all our custom kernels need to be updated and ports re-tested.  The good news is we are close.  The bad news, if you want to call it that, is that we are not ready for an official release this week (despite our bi-weekly release schedule).  Our options were to either release an incremental change to the current base or to postpone the release in order to release something of substance.  We obviously chose the latter.

    To hold everyone over, we will be kicking off an open beta shortly.  The threads for this beta will all be hosted on RootzWiki, so we encourage you all to create accounts there in preparation.  The most helpful way to contribute to the project would be to provide thorough bug reports for any issues you encounter with the beta builds.  We will have a dedicated beta testing thread in each device’s relevant forum for your feedback.

    We have already been asked when our official release date is for the new base.  The answer is, when it is done.  Given the number of users of Unity who entrust us to provide a stable ROM for their device, it is our responsibility to make sure we do exactly that.  In the meantime, those of you who are adventurous can help us work out the kinks via the beta or alternatively continue to use v1.31, which is quite capable in and of itself.

    Make sure to follow our new Virtuous Team Twitter feed and add our site to your RSS reader (we will be posting much more often) for the latest updates.

    Fake Virtuous Sites

    We just noticed the existence of a fake Virtuous ROM page, with a form there to register for betas. Please be warned that the two only websites supported by us: www.virtuousrom.com and unity.flemmard.net. Please do not enter any information on any other sites claiming to be associated with Virtuous.

    T-Mobile G2 Users: Migrating to the DesireZ HBOOT

    The first question people are going to ask is: why would we want to use the DesireZ HBOOT on our G2s?  The partitioning of your phone is controlled by HBOOT.  The G2 HBOOT has only 400MB allocated to /system and 1.3GB allocated to /data, whereas the DesireZ HBOOT allows for 535MB of /system and 1GB of data.

    This is a problem for the newer, larger ROMs such as Virtuous Unity, which has the system apps directory placed on the data partition as a workaround.  As a side effect, Unity needs to be re-flashed every single time data is wiped.  Ultimately we want to eliminate this hack and the first step is to get G2 users over to the DZ HBOOT, since the other supported devices all have sufficiently sized system partitions.

    Before You Start

    DesireZ users, none of this applies to you unless you flashed the G2 HBOOT at some point, such as when you rooted.  While the process has been tested on my own device and several testers, there remains a small amount of risk of bricking your phone. I think it is unlikely but I will not be responsible if it happens; consider yourself warned.

    If you are confused by the process, then just I advise against following through with any of this.  Using the DesireZ HBOOT will not impact your ability to use any ROMs such as Cyanogen, MIUI or otherwise.  Everything will work the same way, only you will have less space in /data and more in /system.

    Migration Process

    Carefully read and follow the steps below.  It looks a lot more complicated than it is because I am going to be excruciatingly specific.

    1. Flashing a new HBOOT will wipe the radio, recovery, system, cache, data partitions, etc.  This is expected and we will be creating a backup to deal with it.
    2. Make sure you have adb setup and working.  If you are not sure how to do this, then you should stop now.
    3. Download this PC10IMG.zip file, which contains the DesireZ Engineering HBOOT, Clockwork Recovery, the latest T-Mobile radio.
    4. Execute: adb push PC10IMG.zip /sdcard/
    5. Execute: adb shell md5sum /sdcard/PC10IMG.zip, which should return d5ebb7c9aa8e3cab714634a1a7d6f762.
    6. Execute: adb reboot recovery and create a Nandroid backup. Make sure the process completes successfully.
    7. Execute: adb reboot bootloader and select “bootloader” from the menu.
    8. You will see a progress bar on the right side of your screen as the image is validated, then you will be prompted to confirm via the volume up button. Go ahead and confirm.
    9. Flashing will begin. You will notice a reboot in the middle of the process, then another once it is complete.  Leave the phone alone for a few minutes.
    10. After the second reboot, the device will be sitting on the “HTC” screen doing nothing.  This is normal, do not panic.  It is because you have no ROM installed anymore.
    11. Execute: adb reboot recovery. You may have to run this command more than once.  If you cannot get into recovery, hop over to the #virtuousrom channel on Freenode.
    12. You should now be in Clockwork Recovery.  A few errors about failing to mount /cache will scroll by, this is normal.  Select “factory reset” to clear data/cache, as you would during a full wipe.
    13. Restore the Nandroid backup you created in step #6.

    That is all, you are done.

    Virtuous Unity v1.0.0 - Patch 1 Released

    First, we have to thank you all for the good comments and the great welcome you did to this rom ! Thanks all !  We have now released a first patch for Virtuous Unity v1.0.0, to fix main critical issues.

    Change Log

    • Fixed HTC_IME prediction issues, you can now use it with prediction and Trace !
    • HTC Calendar now shows Sunday.
    • G-Sensor calibration does not fail anymore.
    • For G2/DZ: Fixes market issues with paid apps.

    No need to wipe anything before applying this patch.  You can download the patch in Downloads section.

    Virtuous Unity Released

    Virtuous Unity v1.0.0 has been released! It is the first custom Sense 3.0 ROM, scaled for WVGA screens, to be based on an official shipping release from HTC (Pyramid_HTC_Europe_1.28.401.1).

    The entire ROM is brand new, taking no application or framework components from any prior Sense 3 releases. Unity is officially being released concurrently for two devices: HTC DesireZ/G2 and HTC Desire HD. Unity is the result of a collaborative, team effort by Flemmard, Diamondback, chrisch1974 and rmk.

    Read More

    Versioning Scheme

    We are adopting a more predictable versioning scheme, which should make it easier to identify when a wipe is necessary and the significance of what has changed in a given release. The version number will continue to contain 3 octets, with each octet having a distinct meaning.

    Our schema is as follows: <AndroidVersion>.<RUU_Build>.<ROM_Revision>. So, for example, let's say the first release of the ROM is 1.0.0, which happens to be Android 2.2 and RUU version 1.72 for the device. If the next release only includes changes to the ROM which we've made ourselves, the version number for that release will be 1.0.1. If we re-base the ROM on a new RUU, say 1.85, the release will be 1.1.0. And finally, if a release includes a move from Froyo to Gingerbread, it would be 2.0.0.

    We are no longer concerned about version numbers which are real floating point numbers. So, do not be surprised if you see a version such as 1.0.12. What does this mean for you? Well, unless we tell you otherwise via a change log entry, you do not need to wipe if only the last octet in the version number changes. You will also know if we are using a new RUU base just by comparing your current version to the version to which you are upgrading.

    We came to the realization that Virtuous will never be "done". As such, the next release for Vision is 1.0.0. This does not mean it is perfect, bug free and contains every feature we would ever want to implement. It simply represents a starting point where we are no longer in "beta".