Virtuous Infinity v1.33.0 Alpha3

  • You must make a full wipe before flashing this version
    Otherwise you will have crashes in the camera and other apps

New Features
  • Overall better performance
  • glacier: Add 3.0 kernel (fixes camera, wifi, wifi hotspot)
    Big thanks to elginsk8r for porting the kernel to the glacier
  • Add Virtuous OC
  • Add kernel config to fix programs like CPU Spy
  • Add Hebrew locale
  • Update all apps to latest version

Bug Fixes
  • ace/inspire/telus: Fixed camera for devices with ov8810 sensor
    Thanks to dh.harald for pointing out
  • ace/inspire/telus/vision: Fixed long press wakeup issue
  • Camera: Fixed panorama mode
  • Camera: Show only correct video resolutions (disabled 1080p for msm7x)
  • Camera: Disabled non working video snapshot
  • Rosie: Resized add widgets/apps/shortcuts to homescreen in portrait and landscape mode
  • Rosie: Resized folder in portrait and landscape mode
  • Rosie: Resized add apps to folder in portrait and landscape mode
  • Rosie: Fixed actionbar position of add apps to folder in landscape mode
  • Lockscreen: PIN Unlock screen resized
  • Settings: SD-card detection fixed, mount/dismount works
  • Settings: Hide Face Unlock on ace/vision (no front camera)
  • Settings: Fixed graphical glitches
  • Phone: Fixed graphical glitch SIM unlock screen
  • Data: Disabled Fast Dormancy for better signal

MD5: c0214c9e79f61ce9afa770ba54a73539


Unknown said...

Thanks for the release. Flashed on glacier this afternoon and wifi and camera confirmed fixed, even panorama. ROM is also much more responsive in navigation.

Unknown said...

Thanx for the great rom. Really liked your hard work. I am on Alpha 2 and the only problem or concern i have is rom response and speed. Can you please confirm if in this release(Alpha - 3) the rom speed is improved.

Thanks for a quick reply .. cant wait to flash Alpha 3.

Unknown said...

Established Virtuous Infinity 1.33.0 Alpha3 with on the DHD, tested half-day, noticed an essential bug for itself: Plantronics Savor M1100 font doesn't work during conversation. And on the A2DP profile everything works. Malfunction noticed not at once, sinned on the programs installed by me therefore established on a pure insertion.... nevertheless the bug is present. Voice profile doesn't work during a call, all the rest through a font is transferred. During a call in a font the signal of connection is as usual transmitted and.... silence. This glitch proves only on this insertion.
P.S. Checked on other font of Prolife BM706 which possesses the same profiles as well as the above-stated font - it works, I Think in Android 4.0.3 made changes concerning sound bluetooth codecs....

Unknown said...

Letters disappear sometimes. I have to restart my phone to make them come back. I'm using a mytouch 4g. I also can't find the virtuous OC anywhere.

theawesometwin said...

The internet or browser doesn't recognise that their is an SD card other wise it is a great Rom I used to use Primo S.v3.5 and I loved it but I switched to this one while to be amazed to all the work was put into it. I can say that nobody half a$$ed it . Great job

Unknown said...

I am using Desire HD. This version is very smooth and fast. Thank you very much. But I meet the problem on camera. The problem is the camera crash and no response after set to 4:3 photo ratio and shoot. I need to restart the phone. If back to 5:3 wide screen, there are no problem. Keep going and support you. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I heard great reviews about your rom. But i couldn't download the rom is there a mirror site, torrent link or dropbox link. i would really appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Hello, i have Desire Z and i was wondering how can i change notification led. In your rom when new message comes led that is notificating is the on on the top - charge indicator and not blue led that is located around trackpad/button. Thanx

Unknown said...

Is Excelent a little bit slow but until now no force close or craches is an excellent work thank you very much for keeping alive the Glacier!!

Unknown said...

nice Rom I am using a glacier there's a bug while using the chrome app the screen flickers wile using it

Unknown said...

Amazing rom, so good and fast. I installed on my HTC glacier, camera is working but crashes momentarily after takin photo. but it works great on other camera apps from android market. I am a big fan of sense ICS. please add any button or home button wake up support.
issue is only when I get call and phone screen goes upside down, its hard to unlock the screen to pickup. and it behaves the gestures same way as it is in right orientation.
all of it. amazing work from virtuous guys. cheers to u guys for this fantastic work.

scatter98 said...

Is it possible to reduce the amount of system reserved memory? I like to have about 600M available for user space.

Mahru said...

Hi! There's a kernel bug on MT4GS(doubleshot) Battery reporting is not correct. On stock battery I can't charge past 90% and the phone keeps on charging without increasing the battery level. Please fix this as I think this is a major bug which could break the battery or worse even our devices.

Ninj said...

Same here: battery led won't ever turn green (8-hour test)

Also, i lost the wake&shoot function of my MT4GS (Camera button woke the phone directly into the camera app)

Finally, cannot delete icons from home screens (they won't ever slide to the "delete" button at top of the screen, but stop just under instead).

But hey, all the rest works great, thank you a lot.

Unknown said...


Alex said...

Installed it, worked great EXCEPT when I went to video mode. Couldn't get out, tried to reboot phone, but it hung so bad I had to remove the battery.

After reboot, the camera app will just exit out in about 5 seconds. No crash, no error, just exits out. Weird!

Unknown said...

I found next bugs:
app mirror works don't center. Also app "in a car" must be resize. In common i am very pleased workers of team Virtuous Infinity. Rom is very fast and very beautiful.

P.S.: Sorry for my English, i am from Belarus.

Unknown said...

Just rooted my HTC mytouch 4g, and this is the first and the best ROM I've ever seen, except Mic in apps like bobsled doesn't work. It need some speed improvement. Other that, Great Work...

Unknown said...

Oh, i found also one mistake -- don't work wi-fi. My phone say to me that wi-fi start with mistake. Somebody, help me please. What do i do?

Unknown said...

Please sent me the link of 1.35 beta1. virtous website have 1.33 alpha version. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love this Rom its amazing but there are 2 problems that I noticed when I get a call or alarm turns on and its on lock mode the screen freezes that's like 7 out of 10 that happens and if u could make it more faster it will be perfect for me this is by far the best Rom I loved camera is amazing and WiFi antenna is 10000 times better than other rims I have tried from u guys u guys r da best I tell everyone who asks for a new Rom or whoever checks my phone n says wipe I love it where did u get this i say virtuous Rom man lol I even posted on facebook;-) keep up the great work guys

Anonymous said...

Delete that saved WiFi if its already saved in WiFi section or reflash cuz mine works amazing I get better antenna than I did with previous Roms make sire u do full wipe clean cache n data n devlek n flash n when its all done restart let it set up and once its all done restart ur phone but before it all turn off service WiFi n any connection its on like Bluetooth WiFi network everything turn it off then flash I hope I was a lip help I had problem like this I fixed it this way cuz sometimes it don't flashda way it should

Steffan said...

I'm reading through the comments & it seems I'm the only person who's having a laggy experience with this rom? I flashed it this morning & everything has settled & all, but it just seems a bit laggy in responding. My phone signal has been really good & even wifi was on for a while, but play store takes like 45 mins to load up, sometimes I get the retry button, and facebook takes couple seconds to startup as well. Anybody has any suggestions? I'm running the latest gingerbread radio, do I need to flash a different one? Thanks in advance

P.S. This is my first time commenting on here, but I notice it was difficult to "publish" after I signed in my account. I tried firefox & chrome, but the comment box isn't big enough, so I had to select the text for it automatically scroll down so I could see the publish button.....admins you guys might wanna take a look at that

Miranda Wilkinson said...

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