Virtuous Inquisition 3.1.0.beta7

Disclaimer: We're going to start using our website a lot more for releases such as the one in this post.  You may refer to this post on various forum threads but please do not distribute download links or mirrors.  Anyone is welcome to retrieve the ROM from our website.

Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta7 (2/19/2012 - 11pm PST)
  • Fixed a bug which was causing numerous issues such as Google Voice outbound
    calls to fail, 3rd party SMS apps like Handcent to be non-functional and probably
    many other SMS/MMS related issues.  Please re-confirm any bugs you have
    discovered using this new release.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta6 (2/19/2012 - 6pm PST)
  • Fix beta5's epic failure to boot. Sorry about that.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta5 (2/19/2012 - 2pm PST)
  • Disable power saver (requires a wipe to take effect).
  • Fixed power button causing an FC during an incoming call.
  • Planning to release tomorrow unless new critical bugs are discovered.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta4 (2/19/2012 - 12am PST)
  • No wipe required from beta3.
  • Fixed phone FC and call logs (related issue).
  • Replaced CM9 Music with Google Music.
  • Added ES File Explorer.
  • Removed ROM Manager.
  • Added Friendcaster to the unrestricted contact sync list.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta3 (2/18/2012 - 3pm PST)
  • May or may not need to wipe.
  • SMS should be fixed; telephony provider reverted.
  • Contact provider updated to support the same unrestricted apps as HTC.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.1.0.beta2 (2/18/2012 - 1am PST)
  • Wipe required from all prior versions. Tried to avoid it but impossible with these changes.
  • Replaced all remaining providers with AOSP versions.
  • Fixed initial setup wizard, which never worked before.
  • Fixed missing extra settings for Shnizon's settings mod.
  • Fixed bluetooth issues associated with remote devices initiating calls.
  • Fixed wifi hotspot config to go directly to the HTC settings panel.
  • If issues reported for 3.0.50 are still occurring, please re-report them.
Virtuous Inquisition v3.0.50.beta1 (2/17/2012 - 8pm PST):
  • No wipe should be required from 3.0.x; we scripted an upgrade path.
  • AOSP Phone app replaces the Sense version (huge progression).
  • Lockscreen now functions properly when receiving a phone call.
  • Contact auto joining, manual merging and syncing are now fully functional.
  • Assigning specific ring tones to a contact now works.
  • Added partially implemented APM.
  • Replaced SystemUI (notification/status bar) with AOSP version.
  • Fixed small MMS issue (only applies with a wipe).
  • Added more several languages to the stock keyboard.
  • Updated all Market apps to the latest versions.
  • Updated Nova Launcher to beta15.
  • Updated to V13 of Shnizon's ICS theme.
More Information:
Again, please do not redistribute our download link or mirror the ROM.  Rather, link to this post.  Also, make sure to report any new bugs using our aforementioned tracker.

(MD5: ec5553c8ae9c71fe8994bd92015257e7)


rmk said...

Just noticed a problem on my way home. When I initiate calls via bluetooth hands free, seems the bluetooth service crashes. Obviously I'm working on resolving this as it impacts me directly.

Wesley Joosten said...
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Anonymous said...

where ahre the screens? what is it? would you mind telling?

Dominik said...

Which devices ?

Ofir Flaisher said...
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Ofir Flaisher said...

works great!
found 2 issues:
1. FC when initiating a call via the stock dialer and tapping 'end call' right away.
2. Stretched image while using the stock camera application (I've flashed the file):
occurs only in camera mode.

Tianyuan said...

Why I can't open up my device after flash 3.1.0beat5?My device is sensation

Anonymous said...

Otherwise great, but mms messaging doesn't work after the small mms fix. After sending message, it is never received (message from my phone to my phone so I don't know if the problem is with sending or receiving, must try to and from different phones later).

Tianyuan said...

real quick%^^% thanks a lot

Ofir Flaisher said...

Are you going to get rid of the remaining sense parts? such as the dialogs theme, text selectors/magnifier/copy-paste widget etc.

Visually I think that's all that left that distinguish this rom from a pure aosp one.

and this by far is the most stable/faster rom released for the sensation.

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