Virtuous Quattro ported to Doubleshot

As some of you maybe know there exists a AOSP build from us called Virtuous Quattro. This is already a huge project with a lot of tweaks. After having it running on a lot of devices we were able to port it to the doubleshot too.

There is still a lot of work open. But maybe some of you wants already test it.

Known issues:
Camera broken
Voice Search broken
Bluetooth broken
and maybe other things


[Alternate Mirror 1] [Alternate Mirror 2]
MD5: c0819ff4f9c8afd431a4f670b5093a34


cpuexpress said...

i just want to know when an update to this rom will be made and maybe the few fixs for the broken items?

Michael Fischer said...

I am really looking foward to a stable release!

cpuexpress said...

so now we r at the end of march and still nothing for ics whats up with that

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