Virtuous Affinity v2.05.0 released

We are pleased to announce the latest version of Affinty, after taking a break from this project we have been excited to resume development. This release adds some cool new features to the Virtuous Tweaks app. The features we have added are based on requests we have had from you.

Changelog for Virtuous Affinity v2.05.0

New Features
  • Added tweak for setting different Auto Brightness levels
  • Added tweak for disabling Recent Apps
  • Added tweak for disabling Quick Settings
  • Added tweak for choosing wake up buttons (Power, Volume up, Volume down and Trackpad)
  • Added tweak for enabling screen-on when new SMS arrives
  • Added more schemes to the Softkey Backlight tweak
    you can now disable the backlight for the capacitive buttons too
  • Enabled SIP over 3G
  • Removed Updater Service (useless for custom roms)
  • Updated Market to 3.4.4
  • Updated all apps to latest market version

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed panorama mode of camera
  • Fixed Saga rmt_storage error



Unknown said...

So far so good. Still has the FFC camera issue (upside down) which has been a problem for some time.

Unknown said...

Must be something wrong. Battery drain was unbelievable. Still, this is a nice ROM. Looks like I'll have to go back to Unity 2.39 though - battery life was fantastic on Unity.

masao said...

Thank you for fantastic rom. so far, it so good. no bugs at all.

Anonymous said...

Radio still not working as good for me on Affinity, reverted back to Unity 2.39, can't fault it.

Wesley Joosten said...

does it need a full wipe

ezzhisham said...

battery drains very fast
still the FFC upside down
I like the previous version

Donnovan Greaves said...

FFC is still upside down as was pointed out before and the rom has been causing random sticks and restarts on my MyTouch 4G (HTC Glacier) never happened back on Unity.

Wesley Joosten said...

no bugs on the desire s

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