Looking for Server Mirrors

Before the Multiupload fiasco began, we had already started the process of building our own mirror network. The situation with file hosting providers is even worse now, which makes having a mirror network even more important.  As it stands, we have 4 servers mirroring our content (ROMs, kernels, etc). Two of those mirrors are our own and the other two are being provided by generous members of the community, who we will recognize in a future post barring their permission.

With that said, we would like to expand our network as much as possible. If you have capacity you are willing to make available to us, here is what we are after:

  • SSH access using public keys with rsync available on the server.
  • HTTP access to content mirrored via rsync.
    • Allowing us point a CNAME at you to configure as a VHOST would be ideal.
  • 50GB+ of storage space.
  • 2TB+ of monthly transfer allowance, preferably unmetered.
If you meet the above criteria and are interested in helping us out, contact me via email - rmk at virtuousrom dot com.  


SEmp said...

What about torrents?

rmk said...

Torrents would be great if not for the stigma surrounding them. I honestly wondered why the Android community didn't use torrents when I first started participating and the predominant answer was that many networks (corporate specifically block access.

Jamen said...
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Max said...

how about code.google.com

shortlived said...

I don't meet your requirements but if you ever need someone to mirror a file directly I can do it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with using torrents. The linux/ubuntu community uses them despite there stigma, and they are often faster than direct links/mirrors.

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