Virtuous Inquisition 3.5.0

We are proud to announce the release of Virtuous Inquisition 3.5.0.  This release is perhaps the most substantial we have had thus far, as we have been able to eliminate the last and most difficult to replace Sense components.  Flemmard was able to port the AOSP "Phone" application over to our Sense framework, which allowed for the replacement of numerous providers and addressing numerous lingering bugs.

Here are some of the new features:
  • Lockscreen functions as it should during incoming phone calls.
  • AOSP incoming and in-call screens.
  • Contacts auto join, sync and import properly.  Auto joining in particular
    did never worked properly in prior releases.
  • Notification pull down and status bar switched to AOSP.
  • Enhanced Quick Settings (EQS) ported by Shnizon from RomanBB.
  • Initial setup wizard launches after a wipe, which also never worked.
  • Initial APM implementation (not complete but still looks nice).
  • Wifi hotspot configuration works properly now.
  • Fixed assigning custom ring tones per contacts.
  • Many more updates and fixes.

We believe this update brings you the most functional AOSP experience available today on the HTC Sensation.  Every feature of the phone is functional, while providing the full look and feel of ICS.


Duch said...

i flashed firmware succesfully, then flashed rom also without problems. now is my first boot and i wait almost 20 mins. there is big V logo. How long it takes to first boot? Other roms first boot takes max 5 min

Lars L said...

This rom works great! Thanks for making me love my HTC sensation!

LogiTek said...

I was running 3.1.0b7 just fine, then I downloaded 3.5.0 - I flashed the, then did a HD Revolution SuperWipe then flashed 3.5.0. Now my phone is in a reboot loop, it shows the HTC Sensation white screen, then for 1 second shows the blue "V" logo and reboots into that same loop. I tried re-downloading the files and re-flashing and getting the same results. Any advice would be appreciated.

Lars L said...
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Lars L said...

Hello LogiTek,I started with a superwipe. Then I followed the flash instructions here:
I flashed rom first, then new firmware. Phone works like a charm! I'm very happy with it and have donated to the guys. Great job with this Rom!

Marco said...

Works great! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Messaging FC when trying to send MMS through gallery once Go SMS Pro is installed. I can send MMS from Gallery via Go SMS Pro with no issues. I can also send MMS via Messaging by adding a photo to a SMS. Only FC when trying to send MMS via Gallery using Messaging. I've wiped/clean install 3 times. Nothing else has been installed on the phone.

LogiTek said...

I'm not sure what happened before, but I reflashed a older PM58IMG file, then reflashed the one from this thread and it is now working great!! Thanks guys - I love this ROM!!!

Unknown said...

please update the dialer...... please i want the ics dialer :(

Anonymous said...

This Rom does have the ICS dialer, both on outgoing and incoming calls.

31Clutch said...

Help, I am stuck in HTC logo reloop after flashing firmware file from here. Any work around this? thanks!

Anonymous said...

@31Clutch - The boot loop is likely due to how your installed the rom; not the firmware. I would suggest flashing the firmware once more, then do a full wipe (system/cache/dalvik) before installing the rom. Also, the first boot can take up to 5 minutes to complete.

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