Virtuous Widgets: Reinventing the Sense Lockscreen

We all know this problem: HTC creates really nice software, but sometimes you miss some personalization features.
Today we are introducing Virtuous Widgets. In a nutshell it's an Android app for HTC Sense 4 devices that allows you to use widgets on the lockscreen of your device.

It works much like the popular app WidgetLocker, however our app is based on HTC's Sense 4 SDK and features therefore perfect integration with the stock lockscreen and doesn't suffer from all problems that other Lockscreen replacements face.

Virtuous Widgets uses the standard Lockscreen style selection dialog which is already well known to most Sense 4 users.
Before getting too much into detail, here is a quick screenshot of how your personalized lockscreen could look like:

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You see, it does not only look like the stock lockscreen, it also works like the stock one. Much like you can  choose between different pre-installed lockscreens like Productivity, People or Stocks, Virtuous Widgets can be enabled exactly the same way:

Once you click on Apply, the configuration dialog pops up (you can get there via the Settings button too, but you need to click on Apply once to actually tell Sense to use our lockscreen) and you can start setting up your all personalized lockscreen.
Once in you are in the settings screen you can add widgets and shortcuts and place them in a grid just like a normal launcher. Widgets can be also resized according to your needs. To resize a widget just move it and drop it in the same place as before:

 There are two versions of Virtuous Widgets:
  1. A free version that supports only up to one widget and won't let you add shortcuts
  2. A paid premium version without any restrictions

Before using the app please note that there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • This apps only works on Sense 4.x ROMs
  • Custom ROMs might face several issues, the app was developed for stock devices, if your ROM chef screws something, we can't do anything about it
  • As said above, the apps works fine on stock phones, no root or unlocked bootloader needed.
  • You won't be able to use the HTC widgets (eg. Friendstream) because HTC uses a propietary format for the widgets.

Paid premium version

Free version


express said...

Please update the "Reflection - Sense 4 HD Skin" for Jelly Bean.

Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

I have downloaded the Skins and they are in a file next to the sense skins. Trouble is I can't get them to the home page

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