Final countdown...2 days and the #HTCOneUp is going to be announced

Only 2 days to wait and HTC is going to announce the successor of the HTC One. There were already some details about the device leaked but we don't want to go into details about it. We are going to see all specs and goodies of it in less than two days. HTC is also going to present the next version of Sense at their launch event at this day. So there are a lot of good things we are all waiting for.

And now the best things. Virtuous Team represented by our contributor @andrdnl is live at the London launch event from HTC. There will be a live coverage from the whole event and we will also try to get some backstage information after the event. Andrei is also doing his best to get some hands on time with the new device. So if you have some questions we should try to answer you post them here on the blog.

And HTC itself has a big goody for all of us. They are offering a live stream from the New York event which is at the same time as the one in London.

So folks - post your questions and we will hopefully see us all here on Tuesday 16:00 CET during the HTC launch event.


Unknown said...

Wow. Almost 2 years and finally some one speaks...

flee said...

The orignal custom rom o.g'z!!!������

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