Theming HTC Sense - We did it again

Ever since HTC released the first version of their 'new' Sense experience (3.0 and upwards) themers faced a huge problem. The majority of graphic assets used by Sense was hidden in the custom 'm10' files.

Back in these days Flemmard and Diamondback managed to crack these files open, giving the users the ability to extract, edit and repack the images.
It didn't take long until HTC switched the internal image format of these files and theming support for the upcoming Sense versions was lost (3.5 and later).

Only recently Flemmard and Diamondback achieved another breakthrough, they finally found out what the mysterious image were all about. Thanks to their great efforts and the amazing theming skills of Cypis we are finally able to present you:

 the world's first fully featured Sense 4 skin

The Virtuous Slate skin comes in a handy single-apk download right from the Google Play store.
It features a very classy and timeless design, without any distracting decorations or adornments.
See yourself in the screenshots from Google Play.

The skin currently comes in two versions. A HD version and a qHD one. This is very important. Based on what device you are using, you need to download the correct skin.

  • Devices with a native resolution of 720p like the One X or the One XL need to download the HD version. This also includes devices running a custom ROM based on a One X/XL ROM. (no matter what screen resolution)
  • Devices with a native qHD resolution (like the One S) or devices that run a custom port based on a Sense 4 ROM for a qHD device need to download the qHD version. This is also the correct option for users running Virtuous Infinity.
So all in all: If your device runs a ROM based on a HD ROM, use the HD skin, if your device runs a ROM on qHD basis, use the qHD skin.

We need to distribute two seperate versions because qHD and HD ROMs need differently sized images. Unfortunately we can't put that in one apk.


Unknown said...

Great theme!
Do you have in mind to change everything in green by blue: icons, keyboard, etc.
Or isn't possible on a theme ...

Unknown said...

I bought the app to support your positive work. Thanks!

Will you possibly be able to make the Rosie Navigation Bar fully transparent?

Diamondback said...

@Xavi Font Masó: The HTC themes can't change everything, so for example app icons won't be changed. However, I am sure that once the image support for VTS is released the usual "heavier" themed Roms will jump on the train ;)

@Jose Maria Gandicela: Yea that's possible, we have a few other themes coming up, stay tuned :)

dased14 said...

Can't wait for the image support release great job guys.

Aliastral said...

Is there any way to get Holo Light without going through Google Play?

My device is registered with a China Mobile prefix and I can't get it to show anything but 'This app is incompatible with your China Mobile HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e.'

The free 'Immersion' theme works just fine though.

(HTC Sensation XE running OrDroid9.0.0 Android 4.0.3 Sense 4.0)

Xris said...

The app looks nice, but I think it may not be entirely worth spending SGD 270 (USD 220)... maybe some currency conversion mess-up?

Diamondback said...

Thanks Xris, indeed some weird mess up :) I fixed it and it should be live in the Play Store soon.

mg said...

I love the Holo Light skin, but is it possible to alter it to make the productivity lock screen tabs NOT transparent? This is annoying when you have multiple missed calls/texts/emails because the transparent tabs are all on top of each other and make it really hard to read them.

clawhead said...

My HTC Sensation 4G will run Sense 4 ROMs that are modified versions of ROMs made for the HTC One. So, will this Virtuous Slate ROM work on my Sensation? Thanks.

Unknown said...

I downloaded the files and are in a folder next to the sense skins. But when I click on apply in one of your skins nothing happens. Can anyone help me please, thanks

Vivi's magic said...

Unfortunately they don't work with Sense 4+ on Jellybean :-( hotels hopefully you guys will update them :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to feel quite disappointed about all this, since I paid for he skins for my HTC One S and few weeks later I find I can't use them because of Sense 4+...

I get you're not responsible for HTC changes, but you're giving a really poor support for us One S users.

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