Virtuous Primadonna 1.17.0

Sorry to keep you all waiting on this one, but chrisch1974 spent quite a lot of time after the initial release of Primadonna trying to fix WiFi Hotspot. Sadly he was unsuccessful, so this release is a little later than we would of liked.

We also been unable to fix camera as you all know this should be a lot easier once we get official ICS for devices like the Desire S and HD.

This release reintroduces the Virtuous Tweaks application.
This has again been developed using the HTC Sense SDK and has been built from the ground up by chrisch1974, it not quite as extensive as the Affinity Tweaks app but its early days.

Incredible 2 is still not officially supported, we are working with XDA recognized developer nitsju17 to get it fully functional. Hopefully we can release an incremental update in the coming days that will bring the Inc 2 in line with other devices.


Full changelog can be found here


Virtuous Primadonna 1.17.0
[Mirror 1][Mirror 2]


gsxeclipsepsi said...

There are widgets missing. I use the weather clock and music widgets are missing. I had to uninstall this new release. any chance ur gonna add the widgets from last release and or new ones. I love ur work but this seems to be a downgrade at the moment

gsxeclipsepsi said...

Must have been a install error it worked fine 2nd install

pzi said...

@gsxeclipsepsi: great, thanks for reporting back

Det said...

The default alarm sound ("9") doesn't seem to exist, which results in only vibration when the phone's supposed to wake me up (didn't even know the alarm sound can only be set upon setting a new alarm). Is this something you guys can reproduce?

Using Desire Z and did a full wipe (even /system, which I think you guys wipe anyway in the beginning of the installation).

Det said...

Also is there something wrong with this preview box thing?

I have to use tab to scroll down to the image verification part because there is no scroll bar.

Happens with both Firefox (12.0) and Chrome (20.0.1115.1). Using Windows atm.

Alexa said...

once all the bugs are worked out. I am willing to donate immediately. I love my MyTouch4G Slide and not trading it up any time soon. So please continue the fantastic work. I just need a daily driver rom. all my friends also want this and willing to donate so believe there are man keeping our eyes on a working rom with sense.

DeanderDean said...

great rom, amazing battary life for a sense rom.
but i miss more widgets..
and i hope the camera app works in one of next release.

Desire Z from germany

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