Virtuous Inquisition for myTouch 4G Slide update

The Virtuous Inquisition was launched recently for the powerful htc device with keyboard, myTouch 4G Slide, and since then a couple of device specific fixes were released for it. Now it was time to repackage the installer for mt4gs and release it for your convenience. Contains fix for the keyboard func/alt indicator leds, fm radio app is now aligned for wvga, adreno egl drivers were updated to the latest related to some device specific issues. Head to our Inquisition section and grab the latest mt4gs specific installer zip. No wipe required if coming from the previous version for mt4gs.


steve said...

This is a great rom but one request wifii calling drops when I use or put it close to my ear. I tried it in many location can someone plz check it. Thank you for all the hard work

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