Virtuous Inquisition 4.0.2 Beta Series

I really did very little for this release.  Once again the credit for most of the fixes in this release come from socali, who has been doing some phenomenal work.  Thanks again!
  • No wipe required if upgrading from 3.5.x or newer.
  • This release is based almost entirely on community contributions from socali and SebastianFM
  • Huge thank you to socali in particular for addressing some complicated bugs.
  • Fixed crashes (socali).
  • Fix for APM reboot icon (socali).
  • AOSP Keyboard with Greek language (socali).
  • AOKP b28 Contacts & Dialer (fix for stuck dialer) (socali).
  • Media Storage; removed excessive logging (socali).
  • Disabled notifications pull-down in all lock options (socali).
  • Fixed Accessibility Talkback for Phone's incoming call screen (socali).
  • Fixed the midnight bug where systemui crashed; thanks to deanesn for the info.
  • Updated Play app itself and all Play-originating apps to the latest.
  • Updated to 1.4.1 of SebastianFM's kernel with his custom thermald (SebastianFM).
  • Removed memory optimization script which was causing freezes. ZRAM is also not recommended and now disabled.
(Release is now available in the Inquisition section)


rmk said...

I haven't tested it but it should all work for the Doubleshot also.

E-Man said...

Could it be used for everyday use? and is it as stable as pyroice?

pzi said...

definitely E-man. it's with more features, and it's more stable.

LeafHacker Team said...

Is the linking contacts bug fixed?

rmk said...

Yes, linking contacts was fixed a while ago.

realsis77 said...

hi, I have virtuous inquisition and I really love it.only thing I have noticed is pictures being sent to media,not a big crashes, no constant reboot like with stock, very fast, no lag, better cell reception now I run H for the first time ! Was lucky if I ran 3 G on stock phone! Many improvements ! Very nice! I highly recommend

realsis77 said...

I upgraded to 4.0 and I'm loving it! Thanks for the rom, simply perfect! Even better! You guys are awesome!Im sooo happy! Very easy to flash, niiiice! Again thank you! I'm blazing fast, so smooth! Keep up the great work, much appreciated!

niadh said...

Is there a way to re-enable the notification lock screen pull down?

doggystyle611 said...

First off, love it. Everything seems to be working very buttery. (:
Second, sorry for the noob question, is the only way to take a screenshot without downloading an app by selecting it in the power menu?

John said...

I weirdly can't turn on wifi now. Awesome rom though otherwise!

Unknown said...

Power+ volume down

warnerblak said...

I'm trying to install Google Now using reekotubbs aroma tool. However, Google Now won't install. After reboot, no luck-any ideas..? Thanks!

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