What is Virtuous Ten Studio?

Some of you might have already heard about a tool which is not yet released but has created quite a buzz in the Android community..

I am talking about Virtuous Ten Studio, the next step in the evolution of apk editing.
Virtuous Ten Studio (VTS) is not just a compilation of different tools to speed up development, it is far more. WIth the help of a few people I was able to create a tool which is best described as

The Visual Studio for Android reverse engineering”.

My goal was to provide you a completely new experience with never before seen features as well as creating something that is easy for people of all experience levels to use.

The main features can be split up in three main categories:

  • Editing smali code
  • Editing m10 files (HTC UI design files)
  • Editing other important files from apks (xml, manifest,etc)


I plan on releasing  more posts here in the near future covering a few of the awesome features of VTS. The three main categories mentioned above are filled up with features and handy helpers, you will be surprised how much easier apk editing is with VTS.

For the start I will show you a screenshot of my latest development build. Stay tuned for future updates here.


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