VirtuousROM moves to RootzWiki


We are pleased to announce the start of a new partnership with rootzwiki. We  have always had a limited presence there but moving forward Rootz will become the home of VirtuousROM. This blog will still remain the main source of information regarding releases but support from our selves and other users will be available from Rootz. This starts with the alpha release of Virtuous Primadonna and over the next few days we will be moving all active threads from XDA over to Rootz.

Rootz has long been regarded as the developer friendly alternative to other android forums. By moving there we have more control over our threads and can work on building a friendly community for our users.

So if you are not already a member I suggest you get signed up and please consider becoming a supporting member. Rootz do a lot of good work for  the Android  community and really supports its developers really well.

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Dj. SP said...

Will u guys still post roms to xda?

shortlived said...

Didnt yall move to rootzwiki about a year ago?

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