Virtuous Affinity 3.11.0 Alpha1

We are pleased to announce our first Alpha version of Virtuous Affinity running with ICS and Sense 3.6. It is based on the latest Runnymede leak from Thanks to him for sharing the rom.

Please consider this a preview of things that may come. This rom has not our normal standard and there is still a lot of stuff broken. So please keep this in mind before you flash it. We have also not included Inc 2 support hopefully we can release a patch soon to add support.

With the new RUU releases in the last few days we have decided to focus are attention on them, Affinity may or may not receive future updates, we would like to update it to the final base as and when its get released by HTC. This will depend on how much time we have available with the other projects.

Working stuff:
Beats (thanks to lyapota)

Broken stuff:
Mic in some apps
USB mount
Softkey Backlight for some devices
and some other stuff too

Virtuous Affinity 3.11.0 Alpha1
[Alternate Mirror 1] [Alternate Mirror 2]
MD5: 2f1f99203977303d5a8f4fd1d49c4f9e


Chung Nguyen Nam said...

Thank for your efforts,
I'll try tonight and post my experience.

Basile said...

Thank you!
I've been waiting it for so long!!
Trying it at the moment! Works nice and smooth but mic not working for calls doesn't let me use it as a daily!

mzedjsp said...

Team Virtuous...,Never Fails To Amaze!!!

Benigno Bejaran said...

I would've loved it if it wasn't so messed up and buggy I thought this was an alpha release not even the beta was this buggy! -MyTouch 4G

bur said...

Benny, an Alpha is an EARLIER version than a beta. An alpha is supposed to have bugs. A beta is close to release and generally quite useable.

DeeP771043 said...

Отлично! Жду недождусь увидеть ICS+Sense4.0 на моем HTC IS! Спасибо за труд!

Good news! Can't wait to see ICS+Sense4.0 on my HTC IS! Thanks for your efforts!

johcos said...

are you going to release an update for this rom?

Thanks for your hard and great work.

Matej Prokop said...

Rom is great, some bugs, but stable. Biggest problem for me is, that the Rom doesn't deliver longer sms than 160 chars. But as I say, it's really great. I hope, that you release in short time One S port like Affinity Rom. All best for you! Sorry for my bad english.

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