Hello From The Team

Just wanted to let you know what is happening at the moment. Firstly Quattro is not dead. I see lots of questions about the next update and currently I don't have an answer for you. We do have personal lives and we can't work on this stuff 24/7. but we do plan to continue with it

We have spent a lot of time in the last couple of weeks reviewing where we are at as a team. One major discussion point has been what devices we should be looking at buying in the next few months. There are some decent devices out at the moment at it looks like there will be loads of intersting stuff to consider after MWC. In the next day or so I plan to create a poll of all current gen and future devices that are of interest to us, we will then use your votes to determine what devices we will purchase over the next few months.

We have just purchased a HTC Flyer for chrish1974 and he has a couple of ROMs planned one of which will be based on ICS, as usual no ETA's so don't ask. We are also looking to purchase a HTC Sensation, despite this device being a few months old it has a huge user base and probably will for the next 12 months or so. At the moment only rmk owns the device and maintaining 3 ROMs on his own is not possible.

As you would of seen from the recent blog post we have been looking to build a mirror network so that we don't have to use file sharing sites. We have used donations to invest in a server for our selves and also have had a couple of people allow us to use there server as part of the mirror network. This means that you can have direct and fast downloads and we have the security of knowing that our work is safe and is easy for you to access.


Tay A. Othman said...

Awesome news....keep going..

Emran said...

you are awesome guys!!

masao said...

Cool, mate :D Im looking forward to getting your new awesome rom :D

Niravnn said...

that's awesome,I love this rom so far just 1 bug is really bugging me is that when I play games like from gameloft or any other high on graphics game the touchscreen don't response at all it feels like I'm using 10year old touchscreen phone;)

TechnoTutGut said...

Virtous Quattro on my HTC Sensation.

Thank you guys so much for this pure ICS experience on my Sensation !

Keep going guys !

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