Virtuous Sensation is a custom ROM for the HTC Pyramid series of phones (Sensation, Sensation XE, etc.). The goal is to provide a simple, Sense-based, mostly-stock ROM based on the official Sensation Sense ROM with essential bug fixes and only subtle enhancements.

Lead developers on this project is rmk (Virtuous Dev Team: Diamondback, Flemmard, seo, rmk, chrisch1974, eViL_Dee, mdj, cypis)


  • Based off the official Sensation ROM (WWE 1.73.401.2), deodexed and zipaligned.
  • Pre-rooted with the latest version of Superuser and modified ramdisk to allow adb remount, mock locations, etc.
  • Enhanced reboot options built-in, allowing for booting into recovery, bootloader, hot boot, etc.
  • Bricked kernel with overclocking daemon (no need for SetCPU/Tuner). Screen Off: 192000 / 1188000 (conservative). Screen On: 192000 / 1512000 (ondemand).
  • IO optimizations including the use of ext4 with writeback journaling for all mounts and larger read-ahead buffer for improved sdcard performance.
  • Updated versions of all Market-available apps.
  • All Market-installable apps installed in /data/app. These apps are automatically installed for you both on initial install and after a factory reset/wipe. There are custom scripts to use Android's package manager (pm) to manage these apps, which ensures they are installed properly.
  • Bloatware, defined as anything you could easily choose to download from the Market yourself, has been removed.
  • Advanced quick settings, allowing for the configuration of options listed in this tab.
  • Overscroll glow effect, tastefully done using white, to match any theme or background.
  • The popular CRT off animation. We have intentionally omitted CRT on, as Sense 3.x provides impressive power on animations itself.
  • Customized camera application with bitrate selection and support for using mp4 containers.
  • Several custom themes, including Slate3D (CypiS), AmazingSense (CypiS), Revolution (he_stheone64) and Honey3D (he_stheone64).
  • Automated battery calibration. Just plug your phone in after a wipe and charge it to full (preferably overnight), then let our script do the rest.
  • Over the air updates via ROM Manager.

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Download Virtuous Sensation v2.2.0 Full ROM
(Size: 385MB | MD5: afed87aba810a4ca5fa7f1e51e15867b)

Download Patch from 2.2.x to 2.2.3
(Size: 5MB | MD5: 4ec962267ca9243db6f84b3104399a7d)

Recommended Firmware Bundle - Flash from HBOOT
(Size: 16MB | MD5: 8679ba1ec45618bf5fc90745aa671eb1)