Virtuous Quattro is an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based rom that has been built from source with custom modifications and tweaks.
The entire ROM is brand new, taking no application or framework components from any prior releases.

Quattro is the result of a collaborative, team effort by the following developers:
Flemmard, Diamondback, chrisch1974, rmk, mdj, seo, eViL D:, cypis and cjward.


Supported Devices

  • HTC Desire HD (Ace)
  • HTC Desire Z (Vision)
  • HTC Desire S (Saga)
  • HTC Incredible S (Vivo)
  • T-Mobile G2 (Vision)
  • HTC Sensation


  • Compilied from AOSP
  • Ported for full functionality on each supported devices. Additional device support is being added regularly.
  • Heavily optimized for fluid performance and usability.
  • Includes Quattro Control which provides quick and easy access to popular tweaks
  • Trackpad wake support (DesireZ/G2 only)
  • Trebuchet Launcher (modified ICS launcher) credits to nebkat
  • Adavnced Power Menu, reboot recovery/bootloader etc. Credits to CM Team
  • Most recent GAPPS included.
Technical Notes
  • Clockwork Recovery v3.x.x is required.
  • All filesystems are mounted using ext4 with writeback journaling. Be sure to shut down your phone properly as opposed to pulling the battery when possible.

Support Threads


Changelog for all devices apart from the sensation can be found here