December Update

Festive greetings to you all.


I'm afraid I must start December's update with some bad news. For personal reasons we have had to put the Affinity project on hold. As I'm sure you can appreciate big multi devices projects such as Unity and Affinity take up a lot of time. So we have decided to take a break and re-prioritize. Support for both Affinity and for those still using Unity will still be available on XDA and in #virtuousrom.
Development on smaller individual projects will continue as normal.

Other News

This month need see a return to the scene from rmk, he has taken over management of Virtuous Sensation from mdeejay. Mdeejay has now sold his Sensation and brought a EVO3D and Desire S. For information and download on Virtuous Sensation click here.

Tun4f1sh has released numerous updates for Virtuous G-Lite, this ROM is about as stable as a ROM can get. Any DZ/G2 Users looking for a rock solid, stock Gingerbread ROM should check it out.

Mdeejay and Flemmard have been working on ICS builds for the Inc S, DZ/G2, and Desire S. Anyone interested in trying these early beta builds should come and join in us in our IRC channel. The current build is broken so at the moment there is nothing test, but keep your eyes peeled on all offical channels for an update.

And Diamondback has been working on the next evolution of the m10tools project, Virtuous Ten Studio. Check out his thread for more info.

And just a final word, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

What's happening with Unity?


Merry Christmas to you all too!!!! And Happy New Year!!!! Thank you for all the time and effort everyone has spent to bring us Unity and Affinity.

Leung Ka Wai Aidan said...

Have some rest and thanks guys!

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