Carrier IQ on Virtuous roms

Just to avoid confusion, of course Virtuous roms are free from Carrier IQ software.

In fact the community discovered these services way back in time, but we didn't see how dangerous they can be. These things are removed since ages, but back then we removed them mainly for perfomance reasons.

So there is no need to worry for our users :)


TheKnux said...

Good stuff. :) this CarrierIQ thing is like a virus (not really) and its all over the internet. I was readi about it and I was worried that my phone might have it. I'm running Virtuous Affinity 1.48 and I'm glad you guys cleared thing up for me about it. Amazing ROM by the way. My girlfriend was running Bliss Sense ROM and couldn't decide which one to choose until I put Virtuous on her phone. It even makes it better since you added Bliss to Affinity. I've been using the Virtuous ROM (including Unity) ever since I rooted my phone. There's no need to use or look for any other ROM. Keep up the amazing work team, I'm with you all the way.

Justin said...

Thanks for a wonderful ROM. I'm using Virtuous Affinity 1.46 for Desire HD. I used TrevE's Logging Test App - it indeed says that Carrier IQ is not detected. However, when I test for HTC Logging Tools, it says that "/system/bin/htc_ebdlogd Exists". Is there still some non-Carrier IQ logging on the Virtuous Affinity ROM? Just wanted to highlight in case you are not aware. Thanks again for a great ROM.

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