Virtuous Affinity Released

As most of you know Virtuous Affinity was released on Monday.
Sorry for not updating the blog sooner, my laptop broke last week and I was planning a big site update. But as people have asked I decided to make a quick post.

Changelog Since Beta 2:

-Added super and ultra smooth mod to Rosie (configurable) (thanks to hamdir for initial mods)
-Added different navbar styles to Rosie (configurable) (thanks to RCMix team for bliss files)
-Added App drawer mods 4x4, 4x5, 5x4, 5x5, 6x5 and 6x6 (configurable)
-Added App drawer hide divider (configurable)
-Added App drawer hide icon label (configurable)
-Added new theme to calculator (thanks to liamstears)
-Added secure folder and local time stamp for message app (configurable)
-Added trackpad sleep on lockscreen for Desire Z and myTouch 4G

-Update market to 3.3.11
-Update superuser to 3.0.6 and su binary to 3.0.3

-Fixed softbutton backlight for all devices (configurable)
-Fixed missing contact pictures in some apps
-Fixed G-sensor calibration
-Fixed trackpad wake for Desire Z and MyTouch 4G
-Fixed radio for vivow


Virtuous Affinity 1.46.0
MD5SUM: 36DA224402AFFDD7DC5756642EFCAB61

-Fixed call button for bliss navbar
-Added tweak for disable scroll by page in app drawer
-Fixed incorrect wallpaper crop

XDA Support Threads

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Desire Z/G2
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Inspire 4G
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pasta said...

hi! the rom is fantastic... just a question: how to flash the patch? thanks a lot!

MST said...

Hi pasta,
To flash the patch:
- put the zip file in the root file
- run recovery boot
- choose install zip from sd card
- pick the file and it will run and you need to reboot the system.

Its an awesome rom. Thank you Virtuous team :)

Anonymous said...

This rom is awesome!!!
But it doesn't have nearly as much tweaks as RCMix3D
But its still awesome

ahellofaguy said...

they're working on more tweaks Web Street Dev, they just wanted a good stable release first before adding a ton of tweaks :)

JonJJon said...

I'm loving this ROM, sooooo smooth and performance friendly :)

All I really want from the first set of tweaks is a percentage number in the battery icon in the notification bar and the ability to actually add new icon/categories to the bottom bar in the app drawer, such as a games icon to list games in :) other than that, perfect as it is in it's current state wooo.

Great job devs!

Darius J said...

This rom is awesome! Just one thing (I know the rom isn't fully done yet) the ffc is still upside down

Anonymous said...

Amazing rom but I'm missing the CRT animation from the previous roms. Any word on it coming back?

pasta said...

Hi boys... Since I don't know how to report bugs, I have to do it here.. :(

- problems with GSM/edge network, both in the connection and in the signal;
- problems with the stock browser, sometimes doesn't work and it's not always fast;
- some writings are not perfectly aligned (e.g. in the browser, but almost everywhere it's like this).

So far just this... For the rest, thank you so much Virtuous Team!! And come on with the donations!! ;)

Deepika Kanchodu said...

- Problem in Beat audio..Force close ofter screen lock.
- HD video not able to play..
- Please do something with battery life.

Love this rom.. plase fix these issue ASAP..

Thanks guys...

sighking5 said...

is this an update for the unity or a completely different rom that needs me to do a wipe
im currently running 2.39 unity for the inspire 4g

Churruca said...

The download link at the new Affinity web section is wrongly pointing to Unity download.

@singking5: Yes, you need to perform a full wipe in order to upgrade from Unity to Affinity.

unity4ever said...

Hy! i like so much this rom this the best and awesome, better than any other rom. I have one problem can't play videos in vertical mode just horizontal mode.
can you fix this?
thanks and nice job!

okincs said...

Love this ROM:-) It's awesome....

Eagle said...

Very nice work with this rom, It's way less laggy than Unity, so I'll stick to it.
Can't wait for further updates !

Anonymous said...

it messed up my inspire 4g i try to play video it says fc it crashes and restarts the beats is messing up my phone i tried to install2.39 it still gives the same problem please help

unity4ever said...

how can i make 720p 30fps video to my class10 sdhc card? thanks

fakalit said...

oh dear people, I tried to switch to this rom from unity 2.35, but my phone looks like a brick now. I can't get past the white htc screen and my computer does not even recognize the device.

all I did was unpacking the zip file, adding the fix2 files, zipping it again, putting in on the sdcard, and selecting it in the ROM manager. phone was charging, batter was sth like %85. Is one of those things fatally wrong?

What can I do now? I don't even one little lead to pursue. Is there anyway to fix my phone or is it dead forever?

Churruca said...

That's probably due to newer kernels (such as that present in unity 2.39 and affinity) being undervolted.
Check Desire Z subsection in the Unity forums.

ButlersBeard said...

May be a silly question but how do i set up app drawers?

fakalit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Only problem i have is the front facing camera, its upside down lol, but everything else is perfect. LOVE THE ROM! :D

Vovka43r said...

Desire HD:
- Beats FC after turning it on when playing music.
- Playback of video is fine until I rotate the phone.
+ Battery life in sleep mode is awesome! ( what does it do, can I turn it on at day ? )
+ Stable and fast, 2.39 was a bit faster.

I love it, but please fix beats and video.
Thank you for this great rom.

ahellofaguy said...

@Vovka43r I have already reported this to a dev and the feedback was that they will be trying to fix up the music player asap. If you want to enabled beats again the only way to do it that I've found is play music, go to that playing music, menu, sound enhancer, beats audio.

As for the video playback, could you provide some more information? What happens when you rotate the phone?

Donnovan Greaves said...

i keep getting "can't open installation aborted" i downloaded the file from the forums if that helps

ezzhisham said...

I tried the rom after Unity 2.39, I still like the unity more. For this rom I think that the battery life is not that good. Also, I'm missing the TV lock animation in this rom. Waiting for sense 3.5 in the Unity rom.

mo said...

I really love this ROM! But when I tried to flash the patch with ROM Manager it gave me the triangle with the exclamation point.. so I rebooted and tried to flash it with file explorer, by click each apk and intalling, then my sense kept force closing and I had to reboot and do a recovery. Am I doing it wrong?

zatoichi said...

I am loving this. Only problem I am having is that I cannot get it to mount as external storage. Any suggestions?

Press88 said...

For HTC myTouch 4G Slide?

macmiller said...

I can't find the kernel anywhere? I want to use it my current rom , rcmix sense 3.5:)

Lavell said...

They Need To Make And Update For This Entire Rom With Everything Fix For Everyone Who Running This Rom...ASAP.....Im Liking The Rom Without A Problem But I Need A 4g Icon n I Hate The H It Sucks

ahellofaguy said...

@dteg try a redownload and also check the MD5

@ezzhisham try undervolting. Also CRT (tv lock animation) will be coming. Not sure if 3.5 will ever be on Unity because of the massive overhaul that would be required, I'm pretty sure that this is essentially Unity with 3.5

@mo try just flash directly from CWM. Sometimes getting there from ROM Manager will cause errors that are random.

@zatoichi check out the last few pages of they discuss some suggestions that may get it working.

@Press88 yes read the description.

@macmiller sorry can't help you, you would have to find a way to extract it from the zip or ask a dev how to get it.

@Lavell there are some zip files in post 32 of that work on all of the ROMs. One of them is the 4G icon.

Lavell said...

Ok Thanks

Donnovan Greaves said...

@NoneAbove i tried a separate download, as well as even renaming the file to 1.46 (since it was named as 1.47) i even downloaded and updated my clockworkmod and it still gave me the same error..
and i will check the MD5 in the morning

jepe63 said...

hello, i've got random reboots, anyone else ???????

Unknown said...

It's good Rom for my Desire z!!!

non of bug for me.

Ps. Please add HTC Rhyme widget for next version :)

Eagle said...

After a week of use, it's not that nice.
Even tough I like Sense, my DZ with Swap enabled remains laggy.
It's less laggy than Unity, but it freezes way more.
It happens that I have to wait like 5 or more seconds for it to respond.
I don't know what you guys can really do about that.
Sense is heavy.

ahellofaguy said...

@Eagle two things: one, you don't have any setCPU or anything enabled do you? Just the stock one?
two I HIGHLY suggest using V6 supercharger script (found here: (beta 6.3)) I didn't think it would work but it is GREAT! use option 6 for DZ, does miracle work I swear. Maybe even try the nirto lag nullifier, see if it does anything (works for some and not for others)

Droid22 said...

I really like this rom, thank you all for your hard work. I have a MT4G I'm just having some issues with the sound when it streams via bluetooth in my car It sounds muffled. The Major issue for me is that it will only charge my phone via USB port and won't give me the option to access the mass storage drive. Even if I access it in the settings menu.

Rolando said...

Running on incredible s and absolutely everything I tried works. I do have one question Facebook for Sense?? I really liked it but it is not on this new release. Will it be in the future? Can I download it somewhere?

Anonymous said...

so im lost. i see the comment asking if this is for mytouch 4g slide, and then NoneAbove replies to press88 and said yes read description but description mentions nothing about the MT4G slide. Can someone clarify? don't want to brick my phone

Eagle said...

@NoneAbove Nope, don't have any SetCPU stuff.
I had Unity once with OC deamon i thought it was integrated in here too.
Reguarding SuperCharger, it didn't not change anything actually.
It still got even worse.
Then on XDA I read about about someone having same problems, who did cache and dalvik cache wipe to resolve.
I did it too, now it's way beter.
Still, not perfect, but way better.
I don't get the bonus of using SuperCharger (scrip says it is active)

Alex Long said...

I love this ROM...a lot!! However my personal issue is that since I updated my G2 to this ROM i don't receive all of my incoming texts & sometimes my outgoing texts don't go through to the recipient either. I have concluded it must be the ROM b/c I have ppl all the time tell me, I texted you & you never replied and i have never had the issue before, even when i was using Unity. I still appreciate all y'all do for us & the ROM looks sweet. just wanted to share my experience thus far & i've been using since a couple days after it was released. Haven't tried the 1.48 version cause i'm not sure if this issue was addressed in that update or if i want to try the G-Lite.

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