Virtuous G-Lite

About a week ago Virtuous G-Lite got a long awaited update. This has always been one of my favorite ROM's for the HTC G2/DZ. It's is very fast and very battery efficient. So if you feel that you can live without the eye candy, widgets and apps of Sense ROM's, I strongly urge you give it a try.

As those of you who have already seen the new G-Lite thread will know,  tun4f1sh who is responsible for the excellent Bulletproof MIUI ROM on the G2/DZ has taken over as maintainer of Virtuous G-Lite from rmk.

We are pleased to welcome tun4f1sh to the Virtuous Team, he has been a long time supporter of our ROM's and we are very pleased to have him on board.


-Supported on the G2 and DesireZ only.
-Minimalistic, lightweight ROM with +200MB of memory free at startup.
-/system and user partitions partitioned and aligned with ext4.
-Extremely battery efficient (best of any G2/DZ ROM I have used to date). --Based on Vision_Gingerbread_S_TMOUS_2.16.531.5, HTC's take on AOSP. All device hardware fully functional, including wifi, bluetooth, camera, camcorder, etc.
-Virtuous OC Daemon (wake: 245/998, sleep: 245/460) and memory optimizations. Kernel Vision Gingerbread kernel. Do NOT use AOSP kernels with this ROM (i.e. Pershoot, Cyanogen).
-Market-sourced applications (Gmail, Maps, Voice, etc) automatically installed on first boot into /data/app for easy removal.
-Replaced stock Gingerbread launcher with LauncherPro.
-Wifi calling and Swype conditionally installed for T-Mobile USA users. -----Bloatware and unnecessary applications removed.
-Rooted, deodexed. All applications zipaligned on boot.

Check out the XDA thread for more information, change log and support.


Virtuous G-Lite v1.0.5
md5: 3356DC0CBEEF42B0D8F23C64946F74C6

Trackpad wake patch


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