Versioning Scheme

We are adopting a more predictable versioning scheme, which should make it easier to identify when a wipe is necessary and the significance of what has changed in a given release. The version number will continue to contain 3 octets, with each octet having a distinct meaning.

Our schema is as follows: <AndroidVersion>.<RUU_Build>.<ROM_Revision>. So, for example, let's say the first release of the ROM is 1.0.0, which happens to be Android 2.2 and RUU version 1.72 for the device. If the next release only includes changes to the ROM which we've made ourselves, the version number for that release will be 1.0.1. If we re-base the ROM on a new RUU, say 1.85, the release will be 1.1.0. And finally, if a release includes a move from Froyo to Gingerbread, it would be 2.0.0.

We are no longer concerned about version numbers which are real floating point numbers. So, do not be surprised if you see a version such as 1.0.12. What does this mean for you? Well, unless we tell you otherwise via a change log entry, you do not need to wipe if only the last octet in the version number changes. You will also know if we are using a new RUU base just by comparing your current version to the version to which you are upgrading.

We came to the realization that Virtuous will never be "done". As such, the next release for Vision is 1.0.0. This does not mean it is perfect, bug free and contains every feature we would ever want to implement. It simply represents a starting point where we are no longer in "beta".


Ken said...

If the first octet is the Android version number, shouldn't it be 22.0.0 or maybe 222.0.0 (for Android 2.2.2)?

rmk said...

Could be yes, but the idea is to increment it when WE pull a new android version -- not necessary to reflect the android version itself.

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