Supporting Multiple ROMs

As most of you have noticed, Virtuous now for two devices: the HTC Droid Incredible and HTC Vision (G2, DesireZ, etc).  At the same time, I have been horrible about updating the site.  That's going to change over the weekend.  I'll be spending some time to make sure information about the two ROMs is properly separated.  Anyway, this will once again be the place to check for all Virtuous related news and information.


chasmccl said...


I inadvertantly installed 3.2 without first updating HBOOT. What can I do to break the loop?

Charlie McClain, PhD, JD
[email protected]

Денис said...

Is this ROM have a RAM and Core optimization?

chasmccl said...

You've got to come up with a straightforward way to install HBOOT 0.92. I've done everything you suggested, including reformatting my SDCARD to FAT32 and tried several different PB31IMG.ZIP files; Nothing changes HBOOT from 0.79 to 0.92. Perhaps if you constructed a dedicated ZIP file which we could put in the Root, just to do update HBOOT, that might work. As it is now, I'm frozen out of upgrading to 3.2, which I'd love to do.

Merry XMas!

Charlie McClain, PhD, JD

AaronD said...

Will this work on the Motorola Droid? The first one I mean. I am looking for a vanilla 2.2.1 replacement.

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