Virtuous Infinity v1.31.0 Alpha2

New Features
  • Add basic Quick Settings (without enable/disable and reorder)
  • Add tweak for recent apps page style
  • Update Play Store to 3.7.15
  • Update all apps to latest version

Bug Fixes
  • Rosie: Fixed touch misaligment with AOSP widgets
  • Rosie: Deblurred icons
  • Lockscreen: Better resizing
  • Mail Widget: Fixed crash when adding to home screen
  • Settings: Re-add Locations
  • Settings: Resized G-sensor calibration
  • Video Player: Resized
  • Video Player: Disabled non working frame capture
  • Camcorder: Enable only working audio settings
  • Flashlight: Resized
  • ace/inspire/telus: Fixed inverted touch screen
  • ace/inspire/telus/vision: Fixed mic in all apps
  • ace/inspire/telus: Fixed voice search (vision still broken)
  • glacier: Fixed Wifi
  • glacier: Fixed data connection

MD5: ff1e24f51f8b70fbd51cf6e0e085d800


Бакс said...

thx, guys. grea job. I still waiting Rom without wake up freeze

L3F73R1S said...


Andrej18 said...

Great job!

Asad Ali said...

Thank you!!!

Unknown said...

Camera working for omnivision on alpha2

Unknown said...

FM Radio does not work when playing loudspeaker, Mirror not resize and SD mount does not have at setting-storage

Unknown said...

at incredible S

Ess said...

Good rom!
Battery is better than official But slow. Keyboard random hide when comment via chrome.
Thanks for dev.
best regard

jude said...

Looks really great but is far too slow for every day use on desire z . Pages freezing constantly and an annoying flickering on the screen....odd little squares appearing when it works hard .

sunand said...

This is the most perfect sense 4 rom for Desire S,

The rom is bit slow and needs resizing on some areas like mirror, lockscreens( people,friend stream ,phone window in car app and pin number alignment etc..

and thanks for this great rom ..

Unknown said...

Please fix 3d chainfire for virtuous infinity alpha 2

Unknown said...

and how the wifi adhoc work in virtuous alpha2 i cant connect to wifi creat in my pc

previouslysilent said...

please clarify the difference between infinity and prima donna?

Unknown said...

It's sad that EVO 3D, which is almost the same hw as One S C2, can't get support anymore from the team with the sense 4.0 rom.

iwokeupfromacomawithoddsockson said...

Hi Virtuous Team,

I'm looking forward for the final release! Great Rom, I'm on a Desire S / Saga Device and it works like a treat!

Only thing I'm missing (coming from Unity Rom) is overclock capapibility of the used kernel for Infinity, sadly i can't overcome the 1024Mhz Limit with any Overclock Tool? Any Suggestions?

And chrisch1974:
I think you should really consider getting paid by HTC for your fabulous work!

Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know that the no mic in apps fix for the dhd works with for the glacier too.

Unknown said...

One improvement I would love to see is the addition of proxy setting under mobile network settings which doesn't seem to be there.... it's an issue for me because I use subsonic media server and it has been broken via Mobile ever since ICS 4.1

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