Ummm, Whats That I Smell Cooking

As you are all no doubt aware from this weeks tweets we have finally got hold of the Runnymede RUU (thanks football).
The team are busy cooking up something good for you all. Currently there is no ETA on release so please don't ask.
We want to ask something from you guys, we have a few name ideas but would like to hear your suggestions. check out the thread on our forum for all the info.


Unknown said...

Since Runnymede was really geared towards females (per HTC), a name such as "Lollipop" might be appropriate.

readysetrelease said...

What a name to give a phone... "Runnymede" LOL!! Runnymede is the name of an English water meadow. I wonder why they chose to name a phone after it?? And yes my British friends, I did just end a sentence with a preposition lol.

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