Help us get an Incredible S

As you are no doubt aware Unity is available on a wide range of devices. Between the 9 team memebers we have all the supported phones except for the Incredible S. As all Inc S owners are probably aware, this is the device with the most device specific issues.

We are currently looking to purchase an Inc S so that we can offer better support for this device, so we are asking for donations. We would like to thank everyone that has all ready donated to us, your support and gratitude is greatly appreciated.

Please send all donations to [email protected]  Once again we can not thank all our users enough for there continued support.


htc sensation 1976 said...

Ive been through countless measures to communicate with the developer of android revolution hd mike1986 but to no avail there ws a small yet important erro or problem upon completion of the rom download therefore i was forced to change roms . know i downloaded your rom the virtous one and it seems to keep rebooting email me at [email protected] with a solution looks like a great rom .

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