New Policy On Ports And ROM Inclusions

There has been an enormous amount of interest surrounding utilizing components or modifications from our ROMs.  To this point, our policy was that any such work needed to explicitly be approved by the team.  The fact of the matter is that the policy is simply not enforceable and any time consumed working to enforce it detracts from the time we have to work on Android (which is what we really enjoy).  As such, we’ve decided to go in a different direction.

Going forward, ROM developers are welcome to utilize any portions of our ROM which are of interest.  Our only requirement is that you let us know about what you’re doing by sending an email to (devteam|at|, credit the Virtuous Team in your thread(s) and provide a link to our website.  No response on our part is required whatsoever, we’re just interested to hear about how our work is helping you.

Our plan is to continue to innovate and push the envelop of ROM development; with the goal of staying enough ahead of the curve to merit a desire to clone our work.


Unknown said...

hi, there is an update for any rom this morning??

pzi said...

Wise move!

Darpan said...

This is good! Enjoy your work! As a happy user I will too!

Kono said...

In one sentence: The original is always better than any copy / clone!
Let the others try to copy your ROM, but the users will stay with yours.

Im really looking forward to the next big Final, but 1.31 is absolutly fine till then.

INTREPID said...

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Twigman said...

I'm really happy to read this. This is a very mature way to handle it all and means you guys won't give up on virtuous! Well done on virtuous btw, it's absolutely awesome.

naailalzuhir said...

This is the way to go Virtuous Team. Awesome work as usual and trust me, everyone knows you're the best out there.

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