Installation fix for Unity 2.33.0 Beta for Incredible S

Here is a potential fix for all Incredible S users with installation problems.

You need to do the following steps:
  1. Download the original beta version (not needed if already downloaded)
  2. Download this fix from here:
  3. Replace this file in the folder META-INF\com\google\android
  4. Install it as usual in the recovery
There are a lot of users reporting that this procedure is working for them.

So have fun with this version on the Incredible S too.


IncS FTW said...

I did the steps, and the installation worked.

But I seem to have boot-loop..

Блог Ульвіка said...

Can i install this beta on Desire S?

Menga said...

Grat!! I have Desire S, and the "Beta" doesn't work...

Now with patch of IncredibleS.. Works!!!!

I don't know what happening.. But I don't care !!! ehhehe

ipetrovich said...

No luck here

SRKI Neo said...

post logcat last lines then perhaps?

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