What's the goal and how to deal with a BETA version ?

Hi guys,

As not everyone seems to know it, a BETA version is meant to test and discover actual bugs.
But this, IN THE ACTUAL SHIPPED STATE of the rom !
So if you start by modifying it in any way, it's not the beta anymore.
I know you all want "brand new cool functionalities", but first we should focus on base !

So please, for the BETA:

  • DON'T APPLY ANY MODS (even UOT mods etc)
  • DON'T APPLY ANY OTHER KERNEL THAN SHIPPED ONE OR OFFICIALY SUPPORTED ONES (or any mod that may change behavior of the rom)

    For the moment, only mdj's and rmk's kernels are supported.

    Or else, don't ask for support and don't report bugs.

    A little reminder: You can report bugs here: http://bugs.unity.flemmard.net/
    Please, before reporting a bug, make sure you did a full wipe.
    And when reporting, please add in bug report :

  • The device where the rom runs on
  • Radio version
  • How to reproduce
  • And if it's possible, a screenshot (When needed, press power+home to make a screenshot).


    Ricky Cadden said...

    Thanks for this. Also, though, it would be good to have some sort of a changelog available - this helps to know what's a bug and what's simply not to be expected.

    Nguyen Dinh Toan said...

    First, thank for your work.

    I have flashed the beta ROM. Every things seem to work well, but my front camera work don't correct. It's always rotate wrong side.

    Here is my phone information:
    HTC Desire S
    Radio: 3805.06.02.03_M

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